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Student Council - TIST

Student Council

About TIST

Student Council acts as a liaison between the students and the management. It is a forum for the students to develop their attitude, leadership qualities, social skills, cultural talents and focuses on the overall development of the individual. The council organizes all the celebrations, technical & cultural fest, Arts day, Sports day, College day.

Members 2016-17

Sl. No.NamePostBranchSemester
1Arun Kumar K.SCollege Captain (Male)EEES8
2Jewel JamesCollege Captain (Female)CES8
3Muhammed Naseef TSports Captain (Male)MES8
4Nimmy K Paul Sports Captain (Female)MES8
5Jino Jacob Cultural Captain (Male)ECS8
6Mereena Baby Cultural Captain (Female)CSES8
7Hemand Chandran P TDeputy Sports Captain (Male)SFS6
8Raichel Suseel Deputy Sports Captain (Female) CSES6
9Mohammed Aslam P ADeputy Cultural Captain (Male)ITS6
10Anjali .S Deputy Cultural Captain (Female) CES6
11Sandeep Balan Union Council Member (Male) CES8
12Amal JayanMagazine Editor (Male) MES6
13Bhavana P RajeevMagazine Editor (Female)ECES6