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NBA Accreditation

NBA Accredited Courses @ Toc H

These programs are accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for three years from 1/7/2017 to 30/6/2020; to be renewed thereafter.

Why NBA Accreditation?

  • Assurance to the student that he has stepped into the portals of an institution processing essential and desirable features and quality professional education
  • It is a recognition which indicates that a program fulfills desired standards
  • The needs of the corporate world are well integrated into programs, activities and processes
  • Preference to higher studies and jobs worldwide, especially in the Gulf
  • All essential prerequisites  for international accreditation are met in the NBA accreditation process

What NBA Accreditation guarantees stakeholders?

  • The Institute meets expectations of industry and employers
  • Infrastructure: Buildings and Facilities
  • Faculty: Teaching Learning
  • Industry Interaction: Brand
  • Employability: Placement record
  • What students can do after graduation (Outcome Based Education – OBE)
  • Whether the institute provides all that is necessary for a confident engineer of tomorrow


Paves the way to International Collaborations!

  • Due to accreditation from NBA, the Institution’s systems and procedures get aligned with its Mission and Vision.
  • Amalgamates criteria for NBA accreditation process.
  • Foreign Universities like Kelaniya, Veleuciliste U Pozegi of Croatia etc signed and executed MoUs for faculty and student exchange programs and conduct of International Conferences


How Institution Benefits?

  • Accreditation has an International focus, employability, thrust and is market-driven
  • Quantification of the strengths, weaknesses, and direction for growth
  • Preferred by funding agencies for research grants and equipments
  • It signifies that the Institutional performance is based on the assessment carried out through an independent competent body of quality assessors, with strengths and weaknesses emanating as feedback for policy-making
  • Differentiates the Institution from its competing peers and giving a brand name


Eligibility for enrollment to B.Tech. (Honors) of APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University

  • This is applicable to all our NBA Accredited departments and for Students having no credit arrears and a CGPA of 8 or above at the end of the fourth semester

In kerala only few courses have been approved by NBA.

Find the list of NBA accreditted institutions at APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (APJKTU) Website .

Please click here to See the list

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