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About TIST

Organization History

Toc H International was founded during the First World War, by Rev. Tubby Clayton, an army Chaplain, in a tall white house in Poperinge, Belgium. Talbot House, as the house was called – or Toc H in signaler’s code for ‘T’ and ‘H’ – provided a haven of rest and refuge for the wounded and sick soldiers.

The various Industrial Revolutions till date have had a massive impact on the technological advancements of mankind and have brought about great improvements in the lifestyle and economic growth of the nations of the world. The first of these began in Britain in the late 18th century with the mechanization of the Textile Industry. In the following decades, the use of machines to make things, instead of crafting them by hand, spread around the world. The second Revolution began in America in the early 20th century with the assembly line, which ushered in the era of mass production. Now, the third Revolution opened up as manufacturing went digital. It allowed things to be made economically even in much smaller numbers with more flexibility and lower input of labour, thanks to new materials, completely new processes such as 3-D printing, easy-to-use robots and new collaborative manufacturing services available online. The wheel has almost turned full circle, moving away from mass manufacturing and towards much more individualized production. Again, the Industrial Revolutions upto the sixth, have focused on Virtual Reality, Biotechnology, Internet Of Things, Autonomous Vehicles and so on. The jobs that moved to low wage driven economics like China and India may go back to technologically advanced countries like the US and Germany once again, unless developing countries also seize the opportunity by innovative research backed up by a Modern Education System.

We, at TIST anticipate the above scenario in our educational environment and incorporate many novelties in the curriculum, within the University prescribed parameters. Interdisciplinary collaborations are encouraged in projects and the laboratories are equipped with ultra modern amenities, to cater to the emerging needs of industries. Social commitment is met by offering scholarships to the deserving, economically backward students. Creative content is given priority while adopting pedagogy models like Bloom’s Taxonomy and Creative Learning Process.

The Quality of our learning environment got recognized when the college was accredited by NACC – the only college to get this honour under CUSAT. Our academic performance is also excellent ,when compared to Government Colleges which have the advantage of subsidized education.

TIST provides an M.Tech program for all the engineering branches, in addition to a fully residential MBA program. An entirely new Research Wing has been established under the banner: J.C. Bose Center for Research and Advanced Studies. The college has 15 researchers with PhD doing research in areas like Thin Film Technology, LASER, Environmental Sciences, Energy Conservation and Waste Management.

As the quality of the teachers is an important parameter for good academic performance, the college has taken the initiative to develop a separate division: ‘TIST School of Education and Leadership’ (TISEL), to foster innovative pedagogical practices among the teaching fraternity. TISEL has taken up this task by conducting training programme for teachers  in Colleges and Universities.

A separate Department of Applied Psychology and Counseling-,a unique initiative- has been established to take care of the overall mental well-being of the students. The students are also encouraged to participate in sports and games such as basket ball, foot ball, cricket, tennis and so on, for which extensive facilities have been provided. An in-door stadium is there, to take care of such activities even during the monsoon.

The college is now looking forward to synergize the activities of all disciplines in order to motivate the students to cross the barriers perceived by many, which is to seek jobs just under the umbrella of their specialized branches. A sense of entrepreneurship is also instilled in the students by a separate wing fostering Creativity and Innovation.

At the moment, TIST is incubating more productive engineers, researchers and job creators than mere job seekers in the advancing field of Science, Technology and Engineering. Is this not a challenging reason for you to join hands with us in the noble cause of nation building.