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Endowment & Excellence Awards

Endowment Awards 2017

Award NameAwarded ToStudents Name & Department Sponsered By
P V Joseph Memorial Endowment Award In Memory of Late P V JosephTop Scorer In Technical CommunicationMegha Sebastian S4 ECEProf.P J Joseph
TIST FoundationOverall Topper In First Year B. Tech Under Tist Foundation (Tiffers)Sreelakshmi Nair (8.47 CGPA) CSDr. K Varghese
Moolamkuzhi Memorial Endowment Award In The Name of Mr. M X JosephTop Scorer In First Year Graphics.Sethulakshmi S Shajan S4 CEMr. M X Paul Vincent
The Alexander Endowment Award In Memory of Late. Shri.KochukunjuBest Male Student In First YearYadev Jayachandran (80%) CSDr.Alex Mathew
The Alexander Endowment Award In Memory of Late. Shri.KochukunjuBest Female Student In First YearRia Elizabeth Joe (85%) CSDr.Alex Mathew
TIST FoundationBest Outgoing Student Under Tiffers SchemeAswathy Subramanian (8.52 CGPA) CSDr.V Job Kuruvilla
Pynadath AwardTop Scorer In First Year Mathematics.Farooq K M S4 MeDr. Mercy K Jacob
PuthusserilTop Scorer In First Year Physics.Amalraj P K S4 MeDr P P Mathews
Puthuppallil EndowmentTop Scorer In First Year Chemistry.Jacob George S4 SeDr.Sreeja Subhash &
Dr.D Subhash
Chev.P ThomasBest Outstanding Student 4 th Year Civil EngineeringNived Rajeev Mr.Kurien Thomas
Chev.P ThomasBest Outstanding Student 3 rd Year Civil EngineeringNithin Mohan (7.70 CGPA)Mr.Kurien Thomas
Chev.P ThomasBest Outstanding Student 2 nd Year Civil EngineeringAleena Lukose (8.05 CGPA)Mr.Kurien Thomas
Dr. P K Sivanandan, IAS EndowmentBest Student Under Socially Under Previleged CategoryReethu Ramanan (9.16 CGPA) CEDr. P K Sivanandan,IAS
Georgekutty P Thattil Endowment Award In Memory of Late. Georgekutty P Thattil Top Scorer In Final Year Computer ScienceAkshay K (8.86 CGPA) CSPaul Thattil & Jessy Thattil
Kadavil Charitable Trust EndowmentFor Supporting Education Of Economically Backward But Well Performing Student In First Year B.Tech.Anantha Krishnan S2 ME AKadavil Charitable Trust
Shri. Mathew Joseph Memorial AwardTop Scorer In M .Tech. Wireless Technology Elza Thomas (8.73 CGPA) Wireless TechnologyProf.(Col.) P M Xavier
Macquinal-S8Best Student S8 - MENaveen P JoyMechanical Department Association.
Macquinal-S6Best Student S6 - MENimmy K PaulMechanical Department Association.

2017 Proficiency Awards for UG 

DepartmentAdmissionPositionName of the StudentPercentage
ECE2013FirstMerin C Abraham8.9 (CGPA)
ECE2013SecondKarishma V Menon8.7 (CGPA)
ECE2014FirstSusan Vinoth9.0 (CGPA)
ECE2014SecondNikita Shaji8.8 (CGPA)
CSE2013FirstAkshay K8.86 (CGPA)
CSE2013SecondSreelakshmi K K8.65 (CGPA)
CSE2014FirstAnciya T A8.9 (CGPA)
CSE2014SecondSaina A S8.7 (CGPA)
CSE2014SecondAparna Radhakrishnan8.7 (CGPA)
IT2013FirstManju M K9.1 (CGPA)
IT2013SecondMilen Ann Abraham8.98 (CGPA)
IT2014FirstSherin Anu Shaji8.39 (CGPA)
IT2014SecondAnjitha S Babu8.12 (CGPA)
EEE2013FirstWinil C W8.75 (CGPA)
EEE2013SecondVishnu J8.45(CGPA)
EEE2014FirstAnn Mary Martin9 (CGPA)
EEE2014SecondAlice Divya Nelson8.61 (CGPA)
ME2013FirstEldhose Thomas9.32 GPA
ME2013SecondGayathri8.96 GPA
ME2014FirstNikhil Kumar Ks9.31 GPA
ME2014SecondAstel Vinod9 GPA
CE2013FirstReethu Remanan9.19 (CGPA)
CE2013SecondShruthi P V8.96 (CGPA)
CE2014FirstRhea Maria George8.96 (CGPA)
CE2014SecondSona S8.84 (CGPA)
SE2013FirstAngel Joy8.45 (CGPA)
SE2013SecondK P O Irfan7.89 (CGPA)
SE2014FirstC T Arjun8.25 (CGPA)
SE2014SecondJithin P Soman8.01 (CGPA)

2017 Proficiency Awards for PG 

DepartmentAdmissionPositionName of the StudentPercentage
M.Tech. (VLSI)2015SecondAnupama Thomas8.28 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (WT)2015FirstElza Thomas8.73 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (WT)2015SecondVincy Gracy Varghese8.38 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (CSE)2015FirstSteffy Livera9 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (CSE)2015SecondRemilda Rajan8.5 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (NC)2015FirstNamrutha Mohan9.1 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (NC)2015SecondSuzen Saju Kallungal8.9 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (ME)2015FirstKuriakose V Thundiyil
M.Tech. (ME)2015SecondJames P Thomas
M.Tech. (CE)2015FirstJunia Joseph9.03 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (CE)2015SecondDilja Rose Joseph8.98 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (PE)2015FirstPriya Thomas9.16 (CGPA)
M.Tech. (PE)2015SecondAthira B Suresh8.5 (CGPA)
MBA2015FirstGritty Maria Paul8 (CGPA)
MBA2015FirstSherin Saji8 (CGPA)
MBA2015SecondAnnet P Thomas7.8 (CGPA)
MBA2015SecondVishnupriya P7.8 (CGPA)