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Library Committee   


  • To guide the librarian in formulating general library policies and regulations which govern the functions of the library.
  • To provide for proper documentation service and to update the library collections.
  • To prepare budget and proposals for the development of the library.
  • To allocate funds to different departments for purchase of the books. (The librarian is directed to collectthe list of books and journals required by each department through the HODs during the beginning of each semester and submit it for the approval of the advisory committee. For any immediate requirement of the books and journals in any department, the committee authorized the librarian to do the same with the sanction of the HODs and Principal.)
  • To work towards modernization and improvement of the library and documentation services


  • (Dr.) Preethi Thekkath, Principal
  • (Dr.) R. Ravindran Nair, Dean Academic and Student Affairs
  • (Dr.) Babu John, Vice Prinicpal
  • All Heads of Department
  • Sreekumar N. (Librarian)
  • DileepRajan (Librarian)
  • Bibi Elias (Librarian)
  • Student Representatives
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