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Workshops & Seminars 

A National conference on Innovative Library Services in Digital Age (LISDA-2016), organized  by TIST Library in collaboration with  the departments of CS & IT  on 1st  & 2nd July, 2016, was a platform for discussion and deliberations by experts and professionals in the field and  directed towards the qualitative development of libraries by adopting current technologies for the fulfillment of our mission.

A unique conglomeration of dignitaries, practicing professionals in library science, computer-science,  information technology and management studies discussed and shared ideas and experiences on a wide spectrum of innovative library services, opening new vistas in the optimization of emerging digital capabilities in library content management, innovative facilities and services, emerging trends in efficient retrieval and dissemination of information, incorporating technological developments in digital information management conducive to teaching& learning processes. The leading presentations by well known experts  from IIM,IISER, State library, universities and colleges deliberated on a wide range of topics ranging from digitalizing heritage, building digital libraries using greenstone, open source environment today, consortium for e-journals, to make subscriptions cost-effective & library space. Papers on information technology and public libraries, innovations in library to make processes and practices, open source and free software for academic, defense and research processes were the added attractions at the 2 day national conference.

Library  Information Brochure

A library brochure, first published in 2012 and followed by a revised second edition in 2015, is an attempt to glance through TIST Libraries. It presents our mission to make readily available all resources, facilities and services to promote teaching, learning, disseminating and contributing to the research needs of the students and faculty. It gives a graphic picture of all the nook and corner of the TIST libraries and explains in lucid language how to access the diverse utilities avail diverse facilities and services with ease. 

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