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Research Facilities

Equipment purchased under External funded Projects

Sl.NoList of Equipment
1KVC Process systems Glass body Autoclave multiple reactor
2Abet Xe arc lamp light source 150 W
3Linear Diode Array
4Strain gauge calibration rig
5Cooling System for Diode Arrays
6AOQS Driver , AQS Switch, Laser Mirrors
7 Laser Power Meter
8Diode Array Driver
9Mechanical assembly of Laser Beam Analyzer
10Honey comb table top with vibration isolation
11Second Harmonic Crystal SH Crystal Oven, Temperature Controller
12CCD camera with digitizer card and software
13He-Ne Laser
14Nd:YAG Laser Rod
15Laser beam expander
16Cooling System for Laser Rod
17Banana extractor machine
18Computer, printer and related accessories
19High Temperature reduction apparatus

Equipment sponsored by the Institute

Sl.NoList of Equipment
1Wireless work Station from Agilent Technologies
2Robot Lab Systems
3CNC Turning Machine
4High Precision, High Speed Lathe Machine
5Computerized variable compression ratio Diesel engine test rig
7Cylindrical Grinding Machine
8Surface Grinding Machine
9DC Magnetron Sputtering Unit
10UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
11Profile Projector
12Metallurgical Microscope
13Refrigerated Centrifuge
14Arbitrary Function Generator
15Auto Collimator
16Perthometer for Surface Roughness Measurement
17Trinocular microscope
18Tektronix Logic Analyzer
19Laminar air flow
20Digital flame meter
21TIG Welding Machine