Student Projects


Student Projects

Passion Walk

The project enables the paraplegics to do their work independently with much more effectiveness and reliability. Our proposed design is based on motorized methods and programmed micro controllers. The fabricated product will be a great development which would benefit the independent life of paraplegic patients.

Awards and achievements

  • First place for the best Advancing Technology For Humanity category by IEEE
  • Young innovator Special award and cash award by TCS
  • Second runner-up for Best innovative Project in state level project competition conducted by Kerala State Council for Science Technology and Environment, organised by SAHRDAYA Engineering college,  for KTU-KSCTSE

Automated Multi Level Slider-(PARA CLIMB)

The project is based on the aim of research and implementation in services fields of washing-painting, periodical inspection of operational robots systems, used at exterior frontage of buildings that are realized from modular glass panels or normal concrete walls. The system is composed from mechanical system which can work from any varying heights of buildings.Its in construction should be modified slightly suiting for each building where it has to be applied.

Intelligent Medicine Box With Patient Monitoring System

A promising trend in healthcare is to shift routine medical checks and other healthcare services from hospital (Hospital-Centric) to the home environment (Home-Centric).An intelligent home-centric healthcare IoT platform, which flawlessly connects smart sensors attached to human body for biological monitoring and intelligent medical packaging for daily medication management, which involvesan intelligent medicine box with a light sensor to indicate the variations in the medicine slots like counting the number of tablets a patient is consuming, alarms are there to alert the caretaker, if the patient missed out to take medicine and more than that this medicine box will act as medication reminders. By largely using and promoting Home Health IoT, the facilities and services of hospitals can be made available in our home environment itself. The platform involves an open-platform-based intelligent medicinebox with enhanced connectivity and interchange ability for the integration of devices and services.The proposed platform provides home healthcare services for improved user experience and service efficiency. The feasibility of the implemented Health platform has been proven in field trials and if any vital signs recognized then gives alert to predefine care takers through SMS alert and monitor the conditions continuously.In this project, the whole system is controlled by microcontroller Arduino.

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