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Campus Life

Alumni Speaks

Merrina John

2011- 15 Batch, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B. Tech.)

2015-17 Batch, Power Electronics (M.Tech.)

Function Developer, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Ltd, Coimbatore


Life in Toc H holds a very good memory for me (Especially, the life in EEE department). 4 long years continued with 2 more years in the lap of beautiful nature was joyful along with studies. I have learned a lot of things in and out of academics, from the dedicated faculties as well as my friends, from there. I am pursuing a better career, which I got because of these learning. Thanks to all my teachers and other faculties for supporting me to grow up into the world of technologies.

bijin-editedBijin Abraham

2010-14 Batch, Computer Science and Engineering,

Developer, Yellowfin International Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


After my graduation from Toc H, I pursued higher studies and completed Masters in IT from RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. It was certainly a bumpy ride getting here, but I owe a debt of gratitude to my lecturers, mentors and the staff at Toc H for helping me through it. It was the lessons and experiences gained during my Bachelor’s Degree that helped me set a strong foundation on which I can now firmly stand. 

anoop-editedAnoop K Nayak

2010-14 Batch, Computer Science and Engineering,

Site Reliability Engineer. LinkedIn, California, United States.


At present my work is to make sure that the LinkedIn search, works all the time without a glitch. If you see something wrong there, I would be the one springing up in action to solve it. I’m a Computer Science graduate from TIST, who is very passionate about learning the latest tools and technologies and TIST gave me a platform to grow. Very differently, while being in college itself, I got opportunities and support to participate and excel in International competitions by NASA and Blackberry. The college provided an excellent platform to share my knowledge with my fellow students and I could earn National level recognition as an active CSI member.

Amal M R,

2007-11 Batch, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (B.Tech.), 

2012-14 Batch, Power Electronics (M.Tech.)

Plant Engineer (Electrical), KMML, Kollam.


One of the most interesting stages in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the college phase. Choosing a college is imperative in that it can potentially affect the level of preparation for a professional career. The 6 years at Toc H enriched my life in many ways. I thank all the faculty members of TIST who have helped me to achieve a better career.

jithinJithin Arakkatt Shaji

2006-10 Batch, Civil Engineering,

Sr. Planning Engineer, KMC Holding, Bahrain.

The past convictions of our lives merely offshoot the epilogues of the future, that is the feeling which holds me back, being a student in the first batch of the Department. It was like planting a sapling in a ploughed-out land; to grow as a tall fruit-bearing tree, requires a fertile soil which was provided by the considerate, college Management and the periodic watering which was done by the significant teachers, with their incredible helping hands, shading us to grow tall and fruitful, to meet the needs of the Industry. As I recall, those were the days we learnt, that Civil Engineering was not just a branch of Science but it was almost the solution to many problems that we have in society.

Sajith S.S

2004-08 Batch,Electronics & Communications Engineering,

Area Manager ITC Ltd.


Toc H has been a breeding ground for budding talents. It has provided the best of infrastructure to develop and enhance our curricular and co-curricular activities. The four years at Toc H were an exciting and transformation time, in my life. As a student I was given many opportunities to prove myself academically and personally. I thank the excellent, hard working and dedicated team of faculty members. They  have inspired me to dream big and take larger visions in life and taught me countless invaluable lessons, that went far beyond the mere content of the syllabus. Toc H is dedicated to the academic, intellectual and personal development of every student of the Institute.”

Jeyaram Raveendran,

2002-06 Batch, Information Technology,

Senior Manager QuintilesIMS, United States of America.


The 4 yearsthat I spent at Toc H were golden. It equipped me with the great technical knowledge, leadership and analytical skills. Toc H provided me the great platform to discover myself. I was lucky to be the first batch of the college. It provided us the opportunity to explore and lay the path for others to follow. Toc H has undoubtedly the best infrastructure and  teaching staff among its peers. My mind is still afresh with the memories of the 4 years I spent there, be it the Classrooms, Labs, Sports & Arts festivals , Friendships, Hostel life or Placements it always brings back a smile on my face. Those 4 years were indeed the best days of my life.

narayanan-nampoothiri-editedK Narayanan Nampoothiry

2002-06  Batch, Computer Science,

Business Analyst MindTree Ltd., Bangalore.

Toc H is one of the few colleges that has kept the students to stand immune to the political disturbances prevalent in the state. Being a student of the first batch, I have seen the humble yet committed beginnings of Toc H and we students feel proud today to have graduated from Toc H. College is where you make friends and memories for a life time. After more than 10 years of graduation, the batch is still well connected, although we are geographically distributed. It is good to hear that the Institution offers post graduate education too, which in itself affirms to its high education quality and adherence to standards.

Parvathy Krishnaswamy

2002-06 Batch, Information Technology,

Lead Data Engineer and Architect, Saltside Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.


Knowledge when gained through education begets the ability to develop new ideas. It gives you the strength to test yourself and dream beyond the impossible. With the guidance of the awesome faculty of Toc H  (some of whom I am still in touch with), I became who I am today. I learn to push myself constantly and never stop learning. The confidence these teachers gave me from time to time, even beyond the 4 years in college, has been a driving factor for me, to strive, to get better and better in my career.