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Committees & Cells

About TIST

Committees and Cells



  • Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the Institution
  • Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty excellence to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process
  • Arrangement for feedback response from students, parents and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes
  • Dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education
  • Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles
  • Documentation of the various programs/activities leading to quality improvement
  • Acting as a nodal agency of  the  Institution  for co-ordinating   quality-related   activities,   including adoption and dissemination of best practices
  • Development and   maintenance   of   institutional database   through   MIS   for   the   purpose   of maintaining/enhancing the institutional quality
  • Development of Quality Culture in the Institution
  • Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)
  • Frequency of meetings: Bi-annual

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Minutes of the Meetings Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR)
IQAC Minutes 2013-14 AQAR 2013-14
IQAC Minutes 2014-15 AQAR 2014-15
IQAC Minutes 2015-16 AQAR 2015-16
IQAC Minutes 2016-17 AQAR 2016-17
IQAC Minutes 2017-18 AQAR 2017-18

Action Taken Report (ATR)

ATR 2013-14
ATR 2014-15
ATR 2015-16
ATR 2016-17
ATR 2017-18


Prof. (Dr.) Preethi Thekkath, Principal

Dr. Alex Mathew, President, TocH Public School Society

Prof. (Dr.) Babu John, Vice Principal

Dr. R Ravindran Nair, Dean Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. K.J.John, Professor in Charge of Library

Dr. P.l. Paulose, Prof, S & H Department

Dr. Hareesh N Ramanathan ( HOD MBA)

Dr.Sreeja Subhash, (HOD S & H)

Dr. Deepa Elizabeth George (HOD,ECE)

Ms. Mangala Devi K T (IIOD, EEE)

Ms. Sunitha E V (HOD,IT)

Dr. Georgina Binoy Joseph (NBA Coordinator )

Mr. Thomas Vettath( HOD, SF)

Mr. C J George (Admin. Manager. in charge)

Ms Sreela Sreedhar (HOD CSE)

Mr.  George  C  Mathew,  Asst.  Prof.  –  MBA Department

Mr. Ajeesh Krishnanl, Alumni representative

Ms. Sheeja Subi, Mulanthuruthy Panchayath

Ms. Bhavana P Rajeev ( 57 EC ,Student represenative)

K P Varghese, PTA President

Mr. Sujith Jose, Alumni representative

Ms Sangeetha S, (AsstProfessor, CE Dept)



  • Ensures files and registers are maintained
  • Submits   internal   audit   report   to   the   concerned department based on the audit conducted
  • Monitors proper conduct of Class/Course Committee meetings as per KTU norms
  • Ensures proper conduct of internal examinations and courses as per KTU norms
  • Makes sure, timely submission of monthly report to KTU portal



Prof. (Dr.)Babu John, Vice Principal

Mr. Ajeesh G. Krishnan, Asst. Prof.,  IT

Ms. Ashly Joseph, Asst. Prof., CS

Mr. Bejoy Joseph, Asst. Prof., MBA

Ms. Mini K R, Asst. Prof., EEE

Mr. Naveen G, Asst. Prof., S&F

Dr. Sanjay Gopinath, Asso. Prof., S&H

Dr. Vasudev R, Asso. Prof., CE Dept

Ms. Vinu R, Asst. Prof., ECE Dept



The Cell is responsible for looking into any complaints filed by students/staff/faculty. According to the Hon. Supreme Court of India, definition of sexual harassment is any unwelcome sexually determined behavior, such as:

  • Physical contact and advances
  • Demand or request for sexual favors
  • Sexually colored remarks
  • Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature

The functions of the cell are purely to safeguard the rights of students, faculty and staff and also to provide a platform to air their grievances. The cell also tries to incorporate healthy habits and atmosphere in the college. It tries to equip them with the knowledge of their legal rights to redress their grievances.

From time to time, the cell conducts seminars and lectures by eminent speakers to create awareness regarding violence, sexual harassment at work place and about health and hygiene.


Prof. (Dr.) Preethi Thekkath, Principal

Asso. Prof. (Dr.) Deepa Elizabeth George, HOD, ECE Dept.

Asso. Prof (Dr.)Sreeja Subhash, HOD, Science& Humanities

Asso. Prof. Sreela Sreedhar, HOD, CS Department

Asst. Prof.Reena Madhu , Dept. of Applied Psychology&Counseling

Asst. Prof. Pearly Saira Chacko, MBA

Asst. Prof.Beena P Nambiar, Safety and Fire Department



  • To implement anti-ragging measures as stipulated by the government/university/concerned authority from time to time
  • To monitor violations of anti-ragging rules in the campus and suggest disciplinary actions in such cases
  • To conduct enquiry of defaulter students and suggest quantum of punishment on the defaulter
  • Organize anti-ragging awareness programs in collaboration with the District legal services authority (DLSA)
  • To take preventive steps by organizing anti-ragging awareness programs, issuing notices, warnings, instructions for regulating the behavior of students


Prof. (Dr.) Babu John, Vice Principal

Prof. (Dr.) Ravindran Nair, Dean Academic and Student Affairs

Sub Inspector –Mulanthuruthy

Mr. Anoof MS (Co-ordinator), Asst. Prof., ME Dept

Dr. Hareesh N Ramanathan,HOD- MBA Dept

Dr. Sreeja M S, HOD, S&H Dept.

Asst. Prof. Sunitha E. V,HOD, IT Dept

Asso. Prof. Sreela Sreedhar, HOD, CSE Dept

Dr. Deepa Elizabeth George, HOD, ECE Dept.

Asst. Prof. Thomas A. Vetteth, HOD, SE Dept.

Dr. Sanjay Gopinath ,Asso. Prof., S&H Dept.

Dr. Vasudev R, Asso. Prof., CE Dept

Ms. Reena Madhu, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Psychology and Counselling

Mr. Viju Nair, Asst. Prof., Phy. Edu. Dept.

Mr. Stephy James, Asst. Prof., SE Dept,

Mr. Rajesh Kocheril, Asst. Prof., ME Dept.,

Mr. Ajeesh G Krishnan, Asst. Prof., IT Dept,

Ms. Saira Banu, Asst. Prof, S&H Dept.

Mr. George C. Mathew,Asst. Prof, MBA Dept.,

Mr. Eapen Mathew, Administrative Officer

Mr. Sanker Kumar, Hostel Warden- Boys

Mr. Babu Mathew, Hostel Warden – Boys

Mrs. Soly Joseph, Hostel Warden – Girls

Ms. Aleyamma Varghese, Hostel Warden – Girls



  • Ensures that discipline is maintained in the campus
  • Reports breach of discipline to the Principal
  • Conducts preliminary investigation on breach of discipline and reports to the Principal



Asst. Prof. Rajesh Kocheril (I.NRtd), ME Dept. (In Charge)

Asst. Prof. Thomas Vettath, HOD, S&F Dept.

Asst. Prof. Ginu Paul, ME Dept.



  • Seating Arrangement
  • Faculty Allocation
  • Question Paper and Answer Sheet Handling
  • Planning Conduct of online examinations (TCS, Aptech, etc.)


Prof.(Dr.) Preethi Thekkath, Prinicipal, Chief Supdt., Exams

Mr. Girish P., Asst. Prof., ECEDept, Dy. Chief Supdt., Exams

Mrs. Smitha Mohan M., Asst. Prof., IT Dept.

Mr. Joy T.Y, Office Assistant

Mr. Thomas K John, Executive Assistant

Mrs. Fareeda BeegumV.F, Lab Instructor

Mr. Jithin K Varkey, Lab Instructor

Mrs. Sreelekha Rajeev, Lab Instructor

Mr. Sanjoy Kanneth, Lab Instructor

Mrs. Mini K Thomas, Lab Instructor

Mr. Thomas Abraham, Lab Instructor


A committee is constituted to redress the grievances of the students and to consider their appeals on any decisions made by the college. The committee consisting of three faculty members and chaired by a senior professor shall look into students’ grievances and appeals and give recommendations to the Principal for action.


  • Constituted to   probe   into   student   grievances
  • Redresses the grievance at individual, class level and grievances of common interest
  • Deals with  appeals  from  students  regarding  any decision made by other committees/ authorities


  • (Dr.) Ravi Divakaran, Dept. of Science and Humanities
  • Mr. Viju Nair, Asst. Prof., Physical Education
  • Ms. Reena Madhu, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Applied Psychology& Counselling
  • Mr. Fabil Varghese, Asst. Prof, Dept. of Applied Psychology& Counselling



  • Creates a startup ecosystem by providing value added training
  • Identifies students with innovative ideas and creates a platform for them to work
  • Enhances students’ entrepreneurial skills and makes them aware about modern tools, software and designs
  • Acquires knowledge about current technological developments in industries
  • Imparts professional/technical mentoring by experts of various domains
  • Channelizes idea to product by mentoring, prototyping, and networking


Adv. Titus Thomas (Nodal Officer)

Ms. Elsaba Jacob, Asst. Prof., CSE Dept.

Mr. Abin Oommen, Asst. Prof., CSE Dept.

Mr. Nishanth Krishnan, Asst. Prof., ECE Dept

Ms. Aparna Goipnath, Asst. Prof., EEE Dept

Mr. Naveen, Asst. Prof., S&F Dept.

Mr. Kurian Thampy, Asst. Prof., IT Dept.



  • EOA  (Extension  of  Approval)-Uploading  details of Faculty, Students, Technical and Administrative staff, Labs  and Infrastructure into the AICTE web portal every year.
  • Attendance of GATE Students- Uploading attendance and details of M Tech GATE scholars into the AICTE web portal every month.


Mr. Ajayakumar M.V, Asst. Prof., IT

Mr. Anuraj C.K, Asst. Prof., CSE Dept

Ms. Santhi N.M, Lab Instructor, IT Dept

Ms. Jishy George, Lab Instructor, EEE Dept

Ms. Manju Pillai, Lab Instructor, ECE Dept

Ms. Fareeda Beegum.V.F., Lab Instructor, CSE Dept



This committee is entrusted with the task of looking after the welfare of the students by taking appropriate steps with the concurrence of the Principal.


Dr. K J John, Professor, Chairman

Ms. Elba Helen George, Asst. Prof. (CE), Member

Ms. Afshan, Asst. Prof. (Maths), Member

Mr. Surej Rajan C, Asst. Prof. (SE), Member



A committee is constituted to redress the grievances of the students and to consider their appeals on any decisions made by the college. The committee consisting of three faculty members and chaired by a senior professor shall look into students’ grievances and appeals and give recommendations to the Principal for action.


Dr. Ravi Divakaran, Prof (S&H), Chairman

Mr. Viju Nair, Asst.Prof. (Phy Edn), Member

Ms. Reena Madhu, Asst. Prof. (Dept. of Psy), Member

Mr. Fabil Varghese, Student Counsellor, Member



As per the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act 1989, No.33 of 1989 dated 11.09.1989, a Committee on SC/ST is constituted with the following Staff.


Dr. R Ravindran Nair, Dean (Academic), Convenor

Mr. Anoof M S, Asst. Prof. (ME)

Mrs. Anu V V, Asst. Prof. (CE)

Mr. A K Kunjan, Lab Instructor (ME)



As per Section 4 of All India Council for Technical Education (Gender Sensitization, Prevention & Prohibition of Sexual Harassment of Women employees and students and redressal of grievances in Technical Institutions), Regulations 2016 vide No.F.AICTE/WH/2016/01 dated 10th June 2016, an internal Complaint Committee on Women’s Grievance Redressal, for TIST, is constituted with the following Faculty.


Dr. Deepa Elizabeth George , HOD (ECE), Convenor

Dr. Sreeja Subhash, HOD (S&H)

Mrs. Sreela Sreedhar, HOD(CSE)

Mrs. Reena Madhu, Asst. Prof. (Dept of Psy. & Counselling)

Mrs. Pearly Saira Chacko, Asst. Prof. (MBA)

Mrs. Beena P Nambiar, Asst. Prof. (S&F)