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Academic Year 2018 -2019

Session on “Introduction to Deep Learning”

Introduction to Deep Learning, CSE

Department organized a session on “Introduction to Deep Learning” for the students. The session was conducted on 5th February 2019. Mr. FarizRehman, Deep learning engineer at Sky Mind was the key speaker for the session. Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim (Alumni of CSE), Former software engineer at Shastra robotics was also a speaker in the session. They gave an overview about the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence , Robotics, Data analytics and so on

Expert session on “Next Generation computing systems“

Mr. Abhijith Das, Ph.d Scholar at IIT Guwahati took an expert session on “Next Generation computing systems “ on 7th February 2019. The interactive session was attended by S4 and S6 students. He briefed about the advanced computer architectures. He presented the concept of TCMP and explained the working and significance of it for performing various activities to students. He also discussed the limitations of Indian companies to manufacture chips.

Next Generation computing systems,CSE

Workshop on “Web Technologies”

Web Technologies, CSE

Department organized a 5-day workshop on ‘Web Technologies’ for the S6 students from 10th January 2019. Hands-on sessions on HTMl, CSS, MySQL, PhP were included in the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Infy Academy, Kochi.

Webinar on “AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning “

Webinar by Mr.AnirbanGhatak, Founder of Mierobot on 8th November 2018 was attended by S7 students. The webinar was on” AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning Webinar” which cover the topics like Markov Decision Process (MDP) and the tools required for enabling the use of Reinforcement Learning.Anirban captured the interest of student by showing how Reinforcement Learning can be applied in gaming, how it’s used by the famous entrepreneur Elon Musk and so on. He had explained about tools in reinforcement learning such as OpenAI and how to install it. An interactive session and demo on how a video game can be played by the computer itself and improve its game play was also included.

AI Deep Reinforcement Learning ,CSE

Session on “Accelerated block chain Competency development”

Accelerated block chain Competency development,CSE

Mr. Prashant K N, ICTAK academy, Kerala took a session on ‘Accelerated block chain Competency development’ for S5 studnets on 30th October 2018. He briefed about Block chaining and its relevance in the future technological advancements.

Motivational Talk  “Industrial experience”

A session for S7 students was conducted by Ms. Manju Mohan  & Ms. Amrutha T G, Software engineer at IBS and Mr. Siddarth Prajosh, Software engineer at Turbo lab about their Industrial Experience on 28th September 2018.  Formal Alumni of our department told us about the working environment and also about the need of having extra skills and the perks of having them.

Industrial experience, CSE

Career Orientation on  “Big Data Analytics” on  21-09- 2018

Career Orientation on  “Big Data Analytics”, CSE

A session on on  “Big Data Analytics” on  21-09- 2018 was conducted for S7 students.Big data analytics has always been a center source of discussion which has gained a much popularity in recent years. Mr Vishnu from Suntec and Mr. Vyshakh from Infopark,alumni of the department, helped the students explore the wonderful opportunities in the field of big data analytics

Orientation session on 10th August 2018

The first week of every student in his/her new college is something that will have its impact throughout his journey in the campus. With an aim to make it the best as possible, orientation sessions were organized to the first year Computer science and engineering students by YadevJayachandran, who is also a student of 3rd year, CSE, and the lead of Developer Student Clubs by Google Developers at the campus, and Abhay P A, who is a 3rd year student of CSE and is a Student outreach lead at Mozilla Campus Club.

Orientation sessionon , CSE


  • “Cyber security, Web development and Networking” – Department of CSE TIST in association with Softnettalentz Softwares organised a week long Internship program for students from July 25 to July 31, 2018 in the domains Cyber security, Web development and Networking.
  • Industrial Training program on Machine Learning – Department of CSE TIST in association with MieRobot organised an Industrial Training program on Machine Learning for the s7 CSE students. An Online + Hands On Training Mode was successfully tried out for the Training. The students underwent a monthlong Online training on Python essentials for Machine Learning, followed by 5 day Hands on Implementation of various Machine Learning algorithms from July 23-July 27, 2018. Mr Anirban Ghatak, Senior Director MieRobot was the resource person
  • SHORT TERM TRAINING PROGRAM (INDUSTRY INTERNSHIP) ON ‘BASICS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT” – Industry Internship training on ‘Basics of Project Management’ was conducted by Mr. Raphy P Varghese, CEO,, Technolodge, Piravom from 4th to 14th June 2018 for S2 students.

Academic Year 2017 -2018

  1. Session on ‘Current Trends in Computer, Communication and Technology’ : A session on ‘Current Trends in Computer, Communication and Technology’ was organized for B. Tech and M. Tech students on 13th March 2017. The session was handled by Dr. Manjaiah D H, Professor, Mangalore University. He gave an overview of the latest trends in computing and technology and urged the students to keep themselves updated with latest technologies.
  1. Session on ‘Research in Computer, Communication and Technology’ : Dr. Varghese Paul, Professor, RSET, (Retired Professor, CUSAT), delivered a session on 13th March 2017 for motivating the students to do research in Computer Science & Engineering. He explained the different areas of research in computer field.
  1. Technical Session on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ : A technical session on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ was organized for S2 and S4 CSE students on 17th March 2017. The session was handled by Mr. Praveen Sridhar, Machine Learning Engineer at He is also the Technology Innovation Fellow at Kerala Start up Mission (KSUM). He explained details on building and deploying machine learning models for natural language understanding and other purposes with sample study details from his own experiences. He also shared his experiences at open source organizations like Mozilla and Swathantra Malayalam Computing to build an Indic Language Keyboard for Firefox OS with support for 14 Indian languages.
  1. Workshop on GIT – Version Control Tool : Department of CSE, in association with, Technolodge, Kakkoor, organized two days workshop programme on GIT for S4 CSE students on 10th and 11th April 2017. Mr. Raphy P Varghese, CEO, handled the two day session. Git is a version control system (VCS) for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. The students were given hands on training in GIT implementation.
  1. Placement Training by TCS : A placement training programme was organized for S4 CSE students by TCS on 10th May 2017. The resource persons from TCS handled the training sessions. 
  1. Web Technologies Workshop Series : Mr. Mohammed AshiqueKuthini of B.Tech 2015-’19 batch conducted Web Technologies Workshop series for S2 and S4 students from March to May 2017. The workshop series was organized by the Department of CSE, in association with CSI and IEDC, TIST. The students were trained to build web sites using latest technologies.
  1. International Yoga Day Celebration : Students from CSE department attended a talk on ‘Importance of Yoga’ and Yoga practice session on 21st June 2017. Smt. SheebaVinod, Yoga Therapist from Aamri International Hospital, Kakkanad, led the talk and practice sessions.
  1. Placement Training : Five days placement training program by Konfidence group and Insight group was organised from 27th June to 1st July 2017 for S7 CSE students. The training process involved aptitude training, group discussions and mock interviews.
Placement Training S6 CSE
Placement Training S6 CSE 1
  1. HTML/CSS Workshop : A one day workshop on HTML/CSS for interactive website building was conducted for Ist year students on 26th July 2017. Mr. Jerin A Mathews, CTO, Rectfy (CSE Alumni),Mr. Mohammed AshiqueKuthini of B.Tech 2015-’19 batch and Mr. YadevJayachandran of B.Tech 2016-’20 batch handled the sessions.
  2. Session on GATE Awareness &Relevence : Mr. Basil, Mr. Sanjay fromRubix Academy delivered a GATE awareness session and conducted mock test on 8th November 2017 for S5, S7 students. 
  1. IOT & Big Data: Two sides of same coin : Dr. Rajesh Maliyackal, COE, Poonjar delivered a session for S1,S3,S5 students on 18th August 2017. 
  1. Motivational Session on S V Journey : Mr. Abraham Solomon, CTO, Nimkraft delivered motivational session on his Silicon Valley journey experiences to S1 and S7 students on 18th August 2017. 
  1. Entrepreneurship Motivation Session : Mr. Jibin Jose delivered a session on ‘Entrepreneurship: directions and Challenges’ to S1 and S7 students on 18th August 2017. 
  1. Fiction to Reality using Technology (webinar) : A webinar on ‘Fiction to Reality using Technology’ by Mr. K Nandha Kumar in association with Suntech,Oracle Academy and ICTAK for S7 and M.Tech students on 29th August 2017. 
  1. Placement Training (soft skill) : A residential training program was conducted for S3 students from 24th to 26th August 2017 at TIST Campus. Mr. RenjithKesav from Insight Job Guru handled the sessions. 
  1. GATE Awareness & Relevance (mock test) : Mr. Ashish Babu from TIME conducted GATE awareness session and mock test for S7 on 9th September 2017. 
  1. Android Mobile Application Development Workshop : Mr. JerinA Mathews, CTO, Rectify handled a workshop session on Android Mobile Application Development on 22nd and 23rd September 2017 for S5 Students. 
  1. Social Commitment Session : Ms. Athira, Ms. RadhikaKrishna, Mr. Jaidev, and Mr.Suraj conducted a motivational session regarding the activities of ‘Make A Difference(MAD)’ for S5(10 students) and S3 students on 27th September 2017. 
  1. Session on The Future Currency – Bitcoins (webinar) : Mr. Gokul Alex from Infinity labs, UST Global delivered a session on Bitcoins to S7 students on 27th September 2017. 
  1. Siddharth&Yadev(B.Tech CSE Students) handled session on Mozzila Firefox57 Quantum Sprint to all students on 4th October 2017.
  1. Elwin George from Livewire handled demo session on Linux LAN on 5th October 2017 for S7 Students.
  1. Placement Training was conducted by Konfidence from 9th to 11th October 2017 for S7 students.
  1. Android Hands on workshop was conducted for B.Tech students on 11th October 2017and 25th October 2017 by Mr. YadevJayachandranand Mr. JerinA
  1. Workshop on IPV6 and Network Security : Two days workshop on IPV6 and Network Security was conducted on 19th and 20th October 2017 for M.Tech Data Security students. Mr. Naveen Lakshman from Protocol 4i Technology Solutions handled the sessions.
  1. The Infosys Story (Webinar)by Mr. S D Shibulal, Infosys was conducted on 25th October 2017 for S5 students.
  1. A webinar on ‘Humonoid from God’s Own Country’ by Mr. Jayakrishnan T, Asimov Robotics Pvt. Ltd. was conducted on 22nd November 2017.
  1. Binol George, Livewire handled a session on ‘Scope of Security in Industry’ for M.Tech students on 4th April 2018.
Scope of Security in Industry (2)
Scope of Security in Industry (1)
  1. Student Orientation Programme was conducted by Mr. RenjuKuruvilla, ICTAK for S2students on 5th January 2018.
  2. Alumni interaction – Mr. Vinu, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CSE Alumni, interacted with CSE S8 students on 30th January 2018
  3. Seminar on Linux Administration was conducted by Mr. Binol George from Livewire on 11th January 2018 for S6 students.
  1. A session on IoT was conducted for S7 and M,Tech students on 15th January 2018 by Dr. Manjaiyya, Mangalore University.
  1. Residential Placement Training for S6 Students was conducted by trainers from Insight Job Guru was conducted on 19th and 20th January 2018.
  1. Vinu, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CSE Alumni, interacted with CSE S8 students on 30th January 2017
  1. An interactive session was organized for CSE Students with Mr. Shilendra S, Silicon Valley .10 on 2nd February 2018.
  1. Siddharth D, First Byte Digital Solutions handled session on React Native on 10th February 2018 for Internal and External participants.
  1. A session on WordPress was organized for S6 students by Mr. Saurav Mohan on 12th February 2018.

Academic Year 2016-2017



Department of CSE in association with TIST Library organized a National Conference on “Innovative Library Services in Digital Age’s LISDA-2016 on 1st and 2nd July 2016. The 2 Day Conference was inaugurated by Mr. T C Mathew, Vice president of BCCI, and presided over by Prof. Dr. P J Joseph, President, Toc H Public School Society. Dr. A Ganesan, Director, Knowledge Resource Centre, PRIST University, Thanjavoor delivered the keynote address. On both the days, many distinguished people from reputed institutions all over India attended as leading presenters and delegates.


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, jointly with IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell) of TIST, in association with the Computer Society of India, organized a two day intercollegiate technical event ‘TECH FOSS 2K17’ on 17th & 18th February 2017. The chief guest of the day was Mr. Sijo Kuruvilla George, Founding CEO @ Technolodge. He officially declared the launch of the two days program and delivered the keynote address on ‘Entrepreneurship and Challenges’.


The major highlight of Tech FOSS was the MAKER EXPO, an initiative by TIST IEDC, to promote development of open source based tools. Two days WORKSHOPS on ANDROID, RUBY ON RAILS ON RAILS AND PYTHON DJANGO were conducted as a part of promoting open source usage among students. The main contests were an Android – My First App Challenge. There were more than 250 participants for maker expo and 94 participants for the workshops, including more than 25 participants from external colleges across Kerala.



Department of Computer Science & Engineering of  Toc H Institute of Science &Technology, Arakkunnam in association with Computer Society of India (CSI) conducted  five days  Faculty Development Programme on “Secure Cloud Computing” from 13th to 17th June 2016. Ms. Asa John, Cloud Solution Architect, TCS, Infopark, Kochi inaugurated the programme. The inaugural function was presided over by Dr. D Vincent H Wilson, Principal, Toc H Institute of Science & Technology. Dr. Varghese Paul, Dean (CS & IT) and Asso. Prof. Sreela Sreedhar, HOD-CS felicitated the gathering. In this advanced world of technology, cloud service is continuing as a matter of  risk because essential services are often outsourced to a third party, which makes it harder to maintain data security and privacy, data and service availability, and demonstrate compliance. The programme focused on research issues related to cloud security. Expert faculty members from IIITM-K Thiruvananthapuram & other reputed engineering institutions, industrial experts from TCS Cochin and UST Global served as resource persons on various aspects of secure cloud during these days. Hands-on sessions on cloud by experts from Kerala Start Up Mission were also included as part of the FDP.


The sessions were as follows:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing – Ms. Asa John, Cloud Solution Architect, TCS, Infopark, Kochi.
  • Block Chains & its Application to Cloud Security – Dr. Tony Thomas, Assistant Professor, IIITM- K, Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Session on Cloud Services (AWS) – Mr. Krishna Kumar Gopinathan, Cloud Solution Architect, UST Global, Cochin.
  • Research Issues in Cloud – Dr. Sangeetha Jose, Assistant Professor, Dept. of IT, GEC Idukki
  • Virtualization and Private Cloud – Mr. Pankaj Kumar G, Assistant Professor, Federal Institute of Science & Technology
  • Cloud Security (Amazon Cloud Services) – Mr. Shahul Hameed, Fellow at Kerala Startup Mission



Department of Computer Science and Engineering, in association with ICTAK organized a three day Faculty Development Programme on ‘R programming’ from 13th – 15th December 2016.


Department of Computer Science and Engineering, in association with Computer Society of India organized a three day Faculty Development Programme on ‘Free and Open Source Software’ from 16th – 18th December 2016. Main objective of the FDP was to provide a platform for participating faculty members to get an exposure in FOSS environment and hence enable students to use open source packages for development and research. Hands-on sessions on Linux Commands, Shell Programming Version Control using GIT, Text Processing tools – Perl, Awk GUI programming, Familiarize Virtualisation Environment ,PHP – Application deployment on a cloud-based LAMP stack/server, Kernel Configuration, Compilation and Installation, Installation of various free software packages were conducted.

Industry Internship Program for S3 Students on Web Development (HTML/CSS) from 20th June- 2nd July 2016

Industry Internship Program for S3 Students on Web Development from 20th June – 2nd July 2016 conducted by Zixent Technologies LLP, Technolodge Piravom in association with CSI Student Chapter and Technolodge Piravom.

Motivational Session on Digital World and My Possibilities on 18th August 2016

Mr. ANOOP ALEX KOSHY, ME (IISc) Chief Consultant, NueTech Consultants Ltd., Thiruvananthapuram (Former Master Trainer – IT & Life Skills, ICTAK & Senior Project Manager, Infosys Technologies Limited) delivered a talk on ‘Digital World and my Possibilities’ to CSE students on 18th August 2016.

One day workshop on Cyber forensics was conducted by Mr. Jacob Jose, Head of Security Engineering, Gladius and SCHILD security consulting on 21st October 2016.

CDAC Short Term Training for S6 CSE from 14th December to 21st December 2016

One week hands on training on DBMS based projects was conducted by CDAC team for the S6 students from 14th December to 21st December 2016.

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