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Computer Science & Engineering

Department Library

The Department has a well-stocked library with 820 books on a variety of topics in the Computer Science arena. Besides books, the library possesses tools and technology CDs, journals, project and seminar reports, lab manuals and question banks. The collection is strong in all aspects, with special strengths in C programming, Python, Java Programming, Software Engineering, Automata Theory, System Programming, Computer Architecture and Organization, Data Structures, Microprocessors, Database Management System, Java Programming, Computer Networking, Data Security, Artificial Intelligence, Biometric Security, etc. and also books on  Digital Electronics, Humanities, Management and Aptitude, etc.. Library has a reading room with newspapers, technical journals and magazines.


No of books as per 31st March 2017

No of Books               :  820

No of Journals           :  11

No of Magazines       :  4

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