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Civil Engineering

Student Mentoring

Mentoring is practiced to monitor and motivate the students throughout the semester. Class-in -charges of each admission are entrusted with the task of mentoring, to closely monitor the EQ and IQ of each student. The class is divided equally among the 3 class-in-charges according to their roll numbers, for each admission. Since the class-in-charges are the same till the student graduates for a particular year of admission, the mentoring of the student will be very effective and hence will improve their EQ and IQ levels. External help from qualified counselors shall be called for, if required, for special cases, with the consent of the parents. Various scheme  adapted for the value additions to the students are –

  • Bridging the gap between the teachers and students.
  • Creation of a better environment in college, where students can approach teachers for both educational and personal guidance.
  • Awareness and support to students for GATE, GRE, CAT, ISRO, SAIL, DRDO, BARC, and other Govt.examinations.
  • Motivation for higher studies and entrepreneurship.
  • Advice and support for improvement in academic performance.
Mentoring 3
Mentoring 2
Class Student Roll No Mentor
S7 (2014 admission) 1- 22 Life John
23 – 44 Annie Sonia Xavier
45 – 66 Tellma John
S5 (2015 admission) 1-16 Aby Varghese
17 – 32 Elba Helen George
33 – 47 Vidya Jose
48 -62 Linu T. Kuriakose
S3 (2016 admission) 1-15 Mary Dhanya
16 – 29 Chinku Alphonse Tom
30 – 45 Emy Poulose
46 – 60 Arjun Murali
S1 (2017 admission) 1-14 Annie Joy
15 – 28 Sangeetha S
29 – 43 Dr. Vasudev R
44 – 56 Alester Joseph Vanreyk
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