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Computer Science &

Offered programmes





B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering


4 Years

M.Tech Computer Science & Engineering with Specialization in Data Security


2 Years

(* Lateral entry)

B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

The curriculum is carefully designed by APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University to inculcate in students a solid base in basic engineering subjects & mathematics and advanced practical knowledge the core area of Computer Science. Core subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture and Organization, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Microprocessors, Networking, Compiler Design, System Software, Object Oriented Design and Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Web Technologies, High Performance and Mobile Computing are taught. The syllabus incorporates advanced programming labs like Python, Java, FOSS, design project etc. It also covers add on courses like life skills, design engineering, business economics and principles of management.

M.Tech Computer Science: Specialization in Data Security

The course has an integrated curriculum imparting in-depth knowledge on the methods, algorithms and tools of data and network security. It is efficacious to computer and communication Engineers who are interested in embedding security to foray further in to information system or network wherein integrity, confidentiality and authentication to confidentiality, documents and communication parties will be ensured. In today’s high profile technology environment, where organizations depend more on information systems, it is very critical to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and to prevent data loss or misuse. With the advent of cloud computing and mobile computing, data is distributed in the network and the importance of data security is gaining great importance.

The course offers you an opportunity to attend network/data security workshops so that you can gain hands on experience in security implementations. This course also offers extensive open academic research into cryptography – key management protocols, secret-key cryptosystems, public-key cryptosystems, digital signatures, firewalls and network security systems. Research interests include the design of cryptographic algorithms, analysis of cryptographic algorithms, cyber forensics, design of cryptographic protocols and hardware/software implementations.

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