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Mechanical Engineering


Program Educational Objectives

The graduates are able to:

PEO1 : Design engineering systems that are based on principles of science and engineering, considering quality, reliability, safety, cost effectiveness, aesthetics and sustainability.

PEO 2: Meet societal needs through multidisciplinary research, innovation, entrepreneurial skills and leadership with a global outlook.

PEO 3: Get employed and Conduct ethically as a professional engineer and exhibit good competency in their work culture or purse higher studies or research


Program Specific Outcomes

Students of Mechanical Engineering Program will demonstrate:

PSO1: Modeling & Analysis: The ability to adapt in the areas of design and development using latest software for modeling and analysis. (L6)

PSO2: Recommend Solution: The ability to recommend solutions for the challenges and requirements of industry or in any other sectors where they are employed. (L5)

PSO3: Futuristic Progress: The ability to make use of acquired technical knowledge for qualifying in competitive examinations for a successful career upholding high moral and ethical values or to pursue higher studies or research.

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