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Electrical & Electronics

Department Achievements

Student Achievements 2016-17

Name Course Semester Achievement
Sofia Beegam B.Tech S8 Won the second prize for Bharathanatyam competition during MUDRA 2017.
Winil C. W. B.Tech S8 Won the Proficiency award (1st Prize) for 2016.
Vishnu J. B.Tech S8 Won the Proficiency award (2nd Prize) for 2016.
Vishnu J. B.Tech S8 Qualified the GATE 2017 Examination


Two batches from the EEE department bagged the First and Second Prizes in the Project Exhibition Competition conducted on May 12th, 2017, National Technology Day, sponsored by Kerala State Council for Science, Technology & Engineering. The prize winning project details are given below :

Batch Number Project Title Batch Members  Prize
1 Shade Winil C.W.,

Joju George J.,

Nihad M. H.,

Deryl Joe Johnson

First Prize (Rs. 1000/-)
2 Wheel Chair for physically disabled Renjith Krishnan, Mohammad Nijas P.A.,

Jeffin P. J.

Second Prize(Rs. 500/-)

Student Achievements 2015-16

Name Course Semester Achievement
Anjana M Nair B.Tech S8 Won the ISTE Best student Award.
Anjana M Nair B.Tech S8 Won the Proficiency award (1st Prize) for 2015.
Abhishek Rana & Anita Catherine B.Tech S7 Bagged the first prize in the KSEB Seminar competition.
Amith Manoj, Mohammed Aslam, Sagar Sreekumar, Samuel Francis B.Tech S3 Won the first prize in IIT Delhi Robotics competition.
Abhishek Rana B.Tech S7 Bagged the First position in the CUSAT Basketball tournament.
Abhishek Rana B.Tech S7 Won second prize in English Elocution competition as a part of the Arts Day Competitions.
Neenu Simon B.Tech S7 Won the ‘Ms. Advay’ title during Advay 2016.

Student Achievements 2014-15

Name         Course Semester Achievement
Peter K. Joseph M.Tech S2 Awarded with a Certificate of Recognition for developing a ‘Robotone’ in the All Kerala Youth Innovators Meet “THE HEADLINE” at Mar Athanasius College of Engineering, Kothamangalam.
Archana Manuel B.Tech S8 Secured Second Rank in CUSAT with 89.05%
Mohammad Juhaim Ibnu Abdul Jabbar B.Tech S8

·    Participated in the Annual CanSat competition held at Abilene and Burkett, Texas, USA, conducted by the American Astronautical Society and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in association with NASA. He is also an entrepreneur at the Start-up Village, Infopark

·    Started a company, Reckone Technologies and has marketed the product Moto-charge.

Syamili Francis B.Tech S8 Secured second prize for High Jump competition during the University Sports held in CUSAT.
Syamili Francis B.Tech S8 Secured first prize for Discus throw, Triple jump & High jump competitions, and second prize for Shortput competitions during the College Sports held in TIST
Indulekha N.S. B.Tech S8 Secured third prize for Shortput competition during the College Sports held in TIST.
Amaljith. P.M B.Tech S6 Secured first prize in Escape Plan during the cultural event “TAKSHAK 14” held in MACE
Vishnu V., Vishnu Mahesh J. and Nikhil Raphy B.Tech S8 Participated and exhibited their project ‘Smart Drip Irrigation System’ in the final round of “SRISHTI 2015” held at Saintgits College of Engineering and won the First Prize.
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