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Electronics &
Communication Engineering

Department Laboratories

Laboratory facilities exceed the requirements of the university syllabus and are designed to provide an environment catering to the requirements of individual students. The labs are equipped for research in emerging technologies. For providing adequate opportunities for students to learn and innovate, the lab facilities are upgraded from time to time.

Lab details

The department has well equipped laboratories to run the Under Graduate and Post Graduate programmes as per CUSAT & KTU Syllabus

Electronics Circuit Lab
Digital Electronics  Lab
Signal Processing Lab
Communication Lab
VLSI & Embedded System Lab

VLSI and Embedded Systems Lab has been set up with an investment of 54 lakhs with modern equipments and good ambiance. Hands on experience with the modern technology equipments will help the students to approach industrial and technological world with confidence.

Some of the specialized hardware components available in the lab

  • Spartan 3/3E FPGA
  • Universal Trainer Kit
  • XUP V5 board
  • TMS320C2000development tool
  • Spartan6FPGA
  • IAR Kick Start development kit and accessories
  • Vertex5Digilentkit

Lab is equipped with most modern test equipments like

  • Logic Analyzer
  • Arbitrary function generator
  • 100MHz DSO

The lab also provides cutting edge Software platforms like

  • Xilinx ISE 11.1
  • Lab View
  • IAR Embedded work bench
  • Lab View Robotics
Toc H Agilent Lab
EC_agilent lab

Some of the specialized hardware components available in the lab are.

  • Network analyzers
  • Spectrum analyzers,
  • Vector signal generators,
  • Mixed signal oscilloscopes
  • Arbitrary function generator
  • RF training kit
  • Antenna Training kit
  • Digital RF Communication kit

Lab is equipped with most modern test components, like

  • Antennas
  • Adaptors
  • Connector
  • Cables and Terminators

The lab also provides cutting edge Software platforms, like

  • Antenna Designing using ADS
  • System Design Using SystemVue
  • Analysis of wireless networks using NS2
  • Performance evaluation of various analog and digital modulation techniques using Matlab.
  • Circuit modeling using P-SPICE
Optoelectronics and Laser Instrumentation Lab
Optoelectronics and Laser Instrumentation Lab (Research Lab)

The following funded projects have been completed under the Optoelectronics and Laser Instrumentation Research Lab

Sl.No Title of The Project Investigators Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount Status
1 Design,Development and Technology Transfer Of High Power Diode Pumped Nd:YAG
Laser With Frequency Doubled Output
Prof.S K S Nair (PI)
Stephy James (Co.PI)
Prof.V P N Nampoori (Co.I)
DST Rs.5400000 Completed
2 Design and Development of Laser Beam Analyzer Asha Das (PI)
Dileep P (Co.PI)
Prof.S K S Nair (Co.I)
BRNS Rs.2400000/- Completed
Microprocessor /System Engg. Lab / Project Lab
Microprocessor System Engg. Lab Project Lab
Electronics Workshop
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