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Faculty Member’s & Student’s Publications



  • Assoc.Prof Deepa Elizabeth George: Paper titled “Tracking of Maneuvering targets using fuzzy information filter employing chi square maneuver detection”- presented at  IEEE International Conference on Innovation in Information, Embedded and Communication Systems, March 2017.
  • Dr. S. Perumal Sankar: Paper titledAn effective content based medical image retrieval using ABC based Artificial Neural Network(ANN)”published  in Current Medical Imaging Reviews, ISSN 1875-6603,1573-4056, Volume 12, 2016.
  • Asst. Prof.Vinu. R: Paper titledVoltage control in Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel cell using optimal neural network controller for varying load conditions”- at IEEE International conference on Innovations in Information, Embedded and Communications Systems March 2017.
  • Asst. Prof.Vinu. R: Paper titledPerformance Analysis of HS Optimized Neural Network Controller for voltage control of PEMFC” at National Conference on Research Challenges in VLSI design and Embedded Systems, June 20,2016
  • Asst. Prof.Vinu. R: Paper titled “Harmony Search Optimized fractional order PID Controller for voltage control of fuel cell”  published  in “Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities ,vol.6,No.10,Oct.2016.



  • Assoc.Prof Deepa Elizabeth George, “On the diversion of Information filter for multisensors fusion” Elsevier Journal on Information fusion 27(2016) PP-76-84, May, 2015.
  • Assoc. Prof.(Dr.) Gnana Sheela K, “An Efficient Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Using Karatsuba”, International Journal of Engineering Research & General Science, Vol 3, Jan 2015
  • Assoc. Prof.(Dr.) Gnana Sheela K, “An Efficient Turbo Decoder for Wireless Sensor Network”, International Journal of Engineering Research & General Science, Vol 3, Jan 2015.
  • Dr. S. Perumal Sankar,   “A Novel Method to Increase the Coupling Efficiency of Laser to Single Mode Fibre” Wireless Personal Communications., An International Journal-ISSN 0929-6212. Vol. 87, Number 2, march 2016, SPRINGER Publication.
  • Dr. S Perumal Sankar, “A Novel Iris Recognition Algorithm for Iris Images Captured At-A-Distance”, IJAER: International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, pp-542-553, ISSN 0973-4562 Vol. 10 No.77 (2015)
  • Dr. S. Perumal Sankar, Detection of Malaria Infecting  Parasite  from Thin Smear Digital Images”,  International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER),ISSN 0973-4562,  Vol. 10, No.2, pp 1615-1619, 2015.
  • Asst. Prof.Vinu. R “ Robust Optimized ANN based PEM Fuel Cell Tracking”, Innovations in bio inspired computing and its applications, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing , SPRINGER Publication, Vol- 424, pp 79-91, Dec 2015.



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