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Electronics &
Communication Engineering

Workshops / Seminars  Organised  2017-18

FDP on “Layout Design and Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits using Cadence Tools”

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a 2 day Faculty Development Program on “Layout Design and Analysis of Analog Integrated Circuits using Cadence Tools” in association with Entuple Technologies Private Ltd., Bengaluru (Cadence® Channel Partner in India for the university segment). The FDP was conducted on February 15 and 16, 2018 in the VLSI Laboratory of the ECE Department. Faculty and technical staff of the department attended this program.

Mr Navin Sankar, Field Application Engineer for Cadence, Entuple Technologies Private Ltd., Bengaluru, was the resource person. The FDP was a hands on program that covered various aspects of analog IC design using Cadence EDA Design Tool Virtuoso platform.


A 3 day Faculty Development Programme on “Embedded Systems” was conducted by KELTRON, Trivandrum from  13th  to 15th December 2017, at TIST. The progamme provided  evocative experience and technological insights into the various facts of  Embedded systems with orientation to applications in robotics.


Workshops / Seminars  Organised  2016-17

A two-day workshop was organized on “HFSS Software in Antenna Design” for M-Tech VLSI & Wireless Technology students on 16th& 17th December 2016 under the guidance of Dr. Gnana Sheela K

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GnanaSheela K. guided a three-day workshop on MATLAB for M-Tech and B-Tech students from 19th to 21st December 2016.

A two-day workshop on Latex Training, guided by Dr. Gnana Sheela K was organized M-Tech and B-Tech Students on 5th January 2017 & 7th January 2017

Workshop on “Engineering concepts with Lab view” was conducted on 16th and 17th Aug. 2016 by Mr. Vivek R., Engineer, National Instruments, Bangalore, for S5 & S7 students respectively. The interactive session and hands-on experience introduced the students into the world of virtual instrumentation technologies.

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Workshop on “Introduction to Bread board and PCB Design” was conducted by Mr. Antu Dominic, True Tech World, Angamaly on 17th&18th Aug. 2016 for S5 students. The workshop was a chance for the students to get a firsthand experience of design and fabrication of PCB boards.

6 A two-day workshop on Embedded Software was organized on 16th& 17th February 2017 for B-Tech Students under the guidance of Dr. Gnana Sheela K.

A workshop on “Fourier analysis and Filter design using DSP” was conducted on 4th March 2017 by Dr. Rajesh M V, HOD ECE, College of Engineering Poonjar.

A Project Exhibition was organized by final year ECE students on 13th March 2017. The expo proved to be a stimulating experience for the junior students.

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A Faculty Development Programme on “Internet of Things” was conducted by Digital Shark Technologies Pvt.Ltd. Bangalore on 29th and 30th November 2016 at TIST. The progamme gave the faculty a vivid opportunity to explore the new arrivals of IOT based modules from Texas Instruments.

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