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Information Technology

Faculty Development Programme

Department :   Information Technology
Academic Year :   June 2017 – May 2018
Category of Programme :   Faculty Development Programme (FDP)
Topic :   Advanced Web Technologies


Objective of the programme : 

In this digital era web sites are vital part of all organizations. This FDP focuses on new techniques in website design like BootStrap4, AngularJS, Responsive web design etc. The wide spread use of smart phones proposes a phase change in web development. That is developing websites compatible for desktop machines as well as smart phones. So, this FDP focuses on mobile platforms and mobile programming too.

Programme Content :

HTML5/ BootStrap 4, CSS3, JQuery/ Angular JS, Responsive Web Design, NodeJS, JSON, Introduction to NoSQL, MongoDB, Introduction to Mobile platforms and Mobile Programming, Mobile Web technologies & content adaptation in Mobile Web

Duration         :           5 Days

Schedule         :           June 12 – 16, 2017


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