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Management Studies

Faculty & Staff Members

PhotoFaculty NameDesignationQualificationE mail IDArea of Interest
1sureshDr. Suresh ManimalaDeanB Sc. Engg., MBA, Ph.Dsureshmanimala@gmail.comMarketing, Advertising and Promotional communication, Consumer behavior,Branding, General Management.
2harishDr. Hareesh N RamanathanProfessor and
Head of the Department
MBA, M Phil, Ph Dhareeshramanathan@tistcochin.edu.inMarketing, Marketing Research, Consumer Behaviour, General Management
3arunDr. Arunchand C. HAsscoiate ProfessorMBA, M.Com, Ph.Darun447@tistcochin.edu.inFinance and Human Resources
4georgeMr. George C MathewAssistant ProfessorMBAgcm@tistcochin.edu.inHuman Resource & Marketing.
5pearlyMs. Pearly Saira ChackoAssistant ProfessorMBA, B. Epearlyschacko@tistcochin.edu.inMarketing & Operations Management
6simmyMs. Simmy KurianAssistant ProfessorPGDM,MCAsimmykurian@tistcochin.edu.inHuman Resource & Systems
7binoyMr. Bejoy JosephAssistant ProfessorMBA, M.combejoyjoseph@tistcochin.edu.inFinance and Human Resources
8merinMs. Merin ThomasAssistant ProfessorB Tech, PGDMmerinthomas@tistcochin.edu.inFinance and Human Resources
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