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“To acquire global excellence in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, nurturing in professionals, technical competence, innovative skills, professional ethics and social commitment.”



  • To equip students with a strong foundation in the area of Computer Science and Engineering using effective teaching -learning practices.  
  • To provide state-of-the-art infrastructure to suit academic, industry and research needs at the global level.
  • To engage students and faculty in interdisciplinary research that promotes innovative ideas for sustainable development.
  • To incorporate skill enhancement programmes for students and faculty to cope with the contemporary developments in technology.
  • To inculcate effective communication skills, professional ethics and social commitment among professionals through value added programs.




Graduates of Computer Science & Engineering   will


  1. Evolve as globally competent computer professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs possessing collaborative and leadership skills, for developing innovative solutions in multidisciplinary domains.
  2. Excel as socially committed computer engineers having mutual respect, effective communication skills, high ethical values and empathy for the needs of society.
  3. Involve in life-long learning to foster the sustainable development in the emerging areas of technology.




A graduate of the Computer Science and Engineering Program will demonstrate:


  • PSO1: Professional Skills: The ability to develop software-based systems of varying complexity.
  • PSO2: Problem-Solving Skills: The ability to analyze the requirements, to propose and develop cost effective and feasible solutions using advanced tools and techniques.
  • PSO3: Successful Career and Entrepreneurship: The ability to uphold lifelong learning, team work, effective communication skills and high ethical values for a successful career and entrepreneurship.



About the Department

Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in the year 2002, with the objective of imparting quality education in the field of Computer Science, keeping in mind the requirements of the dynamic and highly global environment of the present era. With rapidly evolving technology and the continuous need for innovation, the department has always produced quality professionals, holding important positions in computer science and information Technology industry in India and abroad.


Courses Offered

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering (4 years)

M.Tech Computer Science with specialization in Data Security (2 Years)


Core Subjects



Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Microprocessors, Computer Networking, Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Data Structures & Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Compiler Construction, System Programming, Distributed Computing, Security in Computing etc.




Cryptography and Network Security, Computer Networking, Supercomputing, Parallel Computers, Number Theory, Data Compression, Algorithm Analysis and Design etc.


Faculty Details

The Department has competent and committed faculty members experienced in both teaching and industry and many pursuing their doctoral programmes. They are specialized in areas of data and computer security, computer networks, mobile computing, image processing, data mining, artificial intelligence etc. They encourage students’ involvement in various co-curricular activities along with their academics. All faculty actively strive to improve their quality by participating in research oriented programmes and quality improvement trainings. An Academic Advisory Committee comprising of external academic and industry experts act as a guiding body for improving the teaching learning process.

Our Department has a low student to faculty ratio, ensuring that the students will have a ready access to our faculty.


Laboratory Facilities:

The Department has got well equipped laboratories with high end computers and latest software. All these computing resources are inter-connected with high speed intranet having 17 Mbps Internet connectivity to the outside world.



The major labs include Data Security lab, Network & Operating Systems Lab, Language Processor Lab, System Programming & Hardware Lab, Data Structure Lab, Computer Graphics Lab, and Object Oriented Programming Lab & C Programming Lab.


Teaching Learning Process

The teaching learning process that is followed in the department is the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy and Creative Learning Process. The entire faculty prepares FCT (Format for Class Room Teaching) for all subjects. Some of the other practices followed are QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) for faculty, Micro planning, Technical Forum etc which is very helpful for the general improvement of the faculty and students. In addition, the difficult courses in the curriculum identified by the students are handled by two faculty members by splitting the classes into two, thereby providing individual attention to the students.


The website developed and maintained by our students serve as a one touch access to news and events, teaching materials, question banks and answer keys.


Smart Classrooms

The Department has class rooms equipped with LCD. This aids advanced teaching methods with the help of multimedia tools like power point, audio and video presentations. The department is planning to upgrade this to an online video conferencing room which is very essential in the coming days for engineering education.




Department Library

The Department has a well-stocked library with over hundreds of titles on a variety of topics. Besides books, the library possesses tools and technology CDs, journals, project and seminar reports, lab manuals and question banks. The collection is strong in all aspects with special strengths in C programming, Software Engineering, Automata Theory, System Programming, Computer Architecture and Organization, Data Structures, Microprocessors, Database Management System, Java Programming, Computer Networking, Data Security and also books on  Digital Electronics, Humanities, Management and Aptitude.


Quality Improvement Programs / Industry-Academia Interaction       


The Department has taken initiative for various quality improvement programs for students to improve their technical and managerial skills. We encourage technical interactions with industry which is increasingly important not only to maintain the vitality of our programs, but also to upgrade our resources. The department is associated with Campus Connect program offered by Infosys and has institutional life membership in professional bodies like the Computer Society of India. The department is also in the forefront for organizing national conferences, technical quiz competitions and invited technical talks. We organize training programs on advanced technologies like J2EE, J2ME, Linux, DotNet and workshops on PC assembling and networking. We also support industrial visits so that the students can have a tint of the actual industry. We also provide CCNA training to the students.


Student Activities     


CSAT - The Computer Students’ Association of TIST  

CSAT is an active body comprising the faculty and the students of the Department. CSAT takes initiative for the conduct of various inter/intra collegiate competitions and activities throughout the academic year to expose the students to the latest developments in the computer world. A newsletter is put up every semester for providing the students with a quick overview of the cutting-edge technologies in Computer Science.


Computer Society of India (CSI), Student Chapter

CSI student chapter of TIST was inaugurated on 30th July 2009 by Mr Siddhartha Bhattacharya CEO, Infopark, Cochin. The mission of the CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for all categories of IT professionals, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new entrants into the industry and helping them to integrate into the IT community.


Student Counselling

The department actively organizes student counselling. Students are divided into groups of 15 in each semester and a faculty is assigned to each group to support them for solving their academic and personal issues. Academically weak students are given special mentors. Special coaching classes are arranged for them. Teachers meet students often and get updated with their progress and take remedial measures as required. Parent-teacher meet is arranged every semester which in a way emerges as a counselling session for both students and parents. We invite suggestions towards improvement of the students from the parents and takes steps accordingly in this regard.


Department Achievements

  • Toc H CSI Student branch was awarded by CSI as Best Student branch for the consequitive years 2011 & 2012


  • Mr. Jibin jose of 2009-2013 batch was selected to be one among the 5 young innovators from kerala for Start Up Village to Silicon Vally (SV square) program.


  • CSE Department in association with IT department organized a computer literacy programme (Microsoft Office, Internet, Email) for the household women.


  • Best Department Award of TIST in 2011


University Ranks


  • B. Tech
    • Riya Kuriakose – 3rd rank, April 2007
    • Fasila K. A. – 17th rank, April 2010
    • Aswini Sen – 5th rank, April 2011
    • Aswathy N. A. – 19th rank, April, 2011
    • Arya P R - 1st Rank, 2008-12 Batch
    • Punya Rajendran - 9th Rank, 2008-12 Batch
    • Priyanka George - 11th rank, 2008-12 Batch


  • M. Tech
    • Ms. Anju Kuriakose - 1st Rank. 2013 Batch
    • Ms. Neomi Nelin Nicholas - 1st Rank, 2012 batch
    • Ms. Rosebell Paul - 1st Rank, 2011 batch


Key Research Areas 


The department of Computer Science continues to engage in groundbreaking research. Below are examples of just some of the major areas that the Department of Computer Science engaged in - Cryptography & Data Security, Wireless & Network Security and Image Processing.


Career Opportunities 


The Department prides itself of good career opportunities of students. Their diversity of knowledge helps them to grab exciting jobs through campus selection. Computing professionals might find themselves in a variety of environments in academia, research, industry, government, private and business organizations - analyzing problems for solutions, formulating and testing, using advanced communications or multi-media equipment, or working in teams for product development. After graduation, you also have the option to pursue an academic career with Post Graduation followed by research in the field of Computer Science.



The Alumni of the Department are placed in various reputed companies like Infosys, TCS, CTS, UST, Sasken, IBS, Wipro, L&T etc. A good number of our students have qualified many international and national level tests and are pursuing higher studies within India and abroad. They are always willing to offer constant support & encouragement to all the initiatives of the department.

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