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The Department of Science & Humanities:

This department aims at grooming the students into successful technocrats with sound knowledge and understanding of the scientific fundamentals as well as the much required proficient communicative & management skills essential in today’s highly competitive professional environment. It is a supporting department catering to the basic requirements of science education and communication skill in the institution. Students are trained to utilize new scientific discoveries and methods of investigation to analyze novel and difficult engineering problems. In addition, they are equipped to communicate in English with ease and confidence in both oral and written expressions. The Department is also in-charge of the  first year B.Tech students irrespective of their branches.


Department Objective

To develop high quality technical personnel with inputs in basic & applied science along with emphasis on an overall development of the student




The Department is blessed with highly experienced and enthusiastic faculty with expertise in physics, chemistry, environmental science, communication and soft-skill.


Core Subjects for First year B.Tech.

Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Graphics, Basic Civil & Mechanical Engineering, Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Basic Computer Programming, Technical Communication Skill & Environmental Science, Electrical & Mechanical Workshop


Additional Inputs


Language Lab

 The language lab consists of 30 computers equipped with essential software and data for language learning. Here the student perfects both writing and oral abilities and achieves a functional mastery over the language.  Features of language lab: Discourse (speaking & listening), Interactive Techniques (discussions, Role-Play and interactive exercises), Individual practice (scripted dialogue, semi-scripted dialogue, using picture cues), Discourse chain, Body language, Letter writing, Report writing.  


Augmentation Lab

 The augmentation lab for the first year students gives them some practical exposure in the field basic & engineering sciences. The experiments are listed in such a way that they go hand in hand with the theory learnt in the class. Augmentation labs include physics, chemistry, environmental science & civil engineering.


Audit course for Value Based Education

For the first time in the history of engineering education in Kerala, TIST is introducing value based education as an audit course for B.Tech students in the first year from 2010 onwards. The course helps in three fold development of a student – physique, mentality and character – with more emphasis on the character. The course named as Behavioural Science for Engineers includes Psychology, Etiquette and Creativity & Innovation.



Specialties of the Department


The Department follows a student-centered rather than teacher-centered pedagogical approach based on Blooms Taxonomy. To provide better individual attention, the strength of the class rooms has been considerably reduced by increasing the number of sections. The student-teacher ratio is much better compared to the current AICTE standards.


 Each class has two Class-in-Charges in addition to the faculty counselor to take care of the problems & needs of the student


Various club/forum activities (Science club, Forum for higher thinking etc.) encourage   students to think positively and to put their time and energy to good use and also to express their own creative and innovative ideas constructively.


Research Areas


The Department is also engaged in pioneering research and development in thrust areas like Thin films, Nanostructures / Nanotechnology, Solar cells, Material Science, Catalysis, Environmental Science & Agricultural Science.

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