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Department of Media Science


The famous Nobel Laureate Simon (1978) has quoted, “The meaning of knowledge has shifted from being able to remember - to find and use it”. The overall awareness of the objectives of education is to orient the teachers to view their class rooms as a laboratory for creative participation of the students. A number of educationists have done extensive research work in the field by devising intellectual tools to transform classes to participative ones where students and teachers are partners in learning.


TIST has always striven towards developing the creative talent which is hidden in most of the students. It aims at making ordinary people do extraordinary things. Create an learning environment where those with low cognitive intelligence are stimulated, encouraged and nurtured to think creatively. Hence it could be correctly stated that TIST ‘is the meeting place of innovative minds’.   TIST has been successfully following the Bloom’s Taxonomy and the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy as the pedagogical model in the Teaching Learning process. Progressively we want to adopt the Creative Learning Process model as the pedagogical model.


As an innovative step, TIST has introduced visual learning and have accordingly taken up using media as a major tool for the teaching learning process. In this regard,  Department of Media Science has started functioning in TIST.  The communication media has unmistakably made a great impact on youngsters. They live in a world surrounded by novels, films, television, internet and hence is very much influenced by it.


The Department of Media Sciences focus on:

Using media as a creative pedagogical tool in classroom teaching Recording  the  Teaching  process  for  suggestion  and  modification  by interaction with the students.Creating a Repository of class room teaching of various faculty members using media as simulating labs Using media for research purposes in the area of bionics, health sciences

Encouraging the students  to adopt media as creative output which will help them to realize their creative dreams and thus bringing out their innate creative talent


Supporting the World Outside Programme by projecting relevant films, introducing the students to well know   people from Art, Culture, Cinema, Television , Science and Technology

To develop the students as active critical, discriminating viewers Developing an audio visual lab wherein the students as well as the teachers can have access to the educational films. This has already started functioning with a good collection of informative and educational CDs


The Department will be launching courses in Media such as Electronic Cinematography, Direction , Ad film  and Video Editing .The Depart ment will also start a full-fledged recording and shooting floor. A
highly experienced person from Film and Television Institute of India, Pune has joined TIST. The Department will be further strengthened in the next two years.

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