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Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Veleuciliste U Pozegi (Polytechnic in Croatia, Europe and Toc H Institute of Science & Technology under the prestigious ERASMUS exchange Programme. Erasmus stands for European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students established in 1987. It is a Higher  Education Exchange programme for students, teachers, and institutes, run in the UK by the British Council. This MoU is proposed for the exchange of faculty and later will be utilized for the exchange of students between these two institutions.

Erasmus+ KA1-Learning Mobility of Individuals (Teaching) - Competition Open

The competition for TIST (Management studies department) teachers for the participation in the Erasmus+ KA1-Learning Mobility of Individuals (Teaching) between Polytechnic in Pozega (Croatia) and TIST (Management studies department) is open.

Last date of application 23rd January 2019.

Mobility period: 1 week

Language: English

Requirements for candidates:

  • CV in English (in detail about educational, methodological and scientific activities)
  • A completed questionnaire (download from here)
  • Presentation material: 5 lectures in English