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Mechanical Engineering

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Academic Year 2018 – 19

HARDTECH 2019 Startup Conclave

Three students of Mechanical Engineering Department had attended the 2-day Startup Conclave – HARDTECH 2019, conducted by Maker Village, Ernakulam. It was highly informative and they had the opportunity to interact with the renowned delegates from the industry. The delegates represented major industries like Robert Bosh Engineering, Huawei India, Cochin Shipyard, INTEL, Start-up Mission & Maker Village.
There was also strong Government participation with Secretaries from various departments. There were sessions handled by venture capitalists wherein information was shared on funding sources and techniques of being a successful entrepreneur.

Certificates were awarded to the final year students of Mechanical Engineering on successful completion of Solidworks course conducted by CADD Centre in the department.



A one-day workshop on Aeronautical Science was conducted by the Aeromodelling club, TIST, ME Dept as part of ADVAY, 2019. The Forenoon session was tech talk session with Resource persons: Asst Prof. Vivek V. Kumar (ME Dept), Group Captain L. K. Vitly (Indian Air Force) & CMDE  Justin Xavier.
Asst. Prof. Vivek V. Kumar gave an insight into the Science of Aeronautics with a focus on Aerodynamics. Details on the NACA wing profiles, Aerodynamic parameters such as coefficients of lift, drag, etc were discussed in detail and how these affect the flight of an Aircraft.
Grp. Captain L. K. Vitly, a veteran pilot, with a long service record in flying the MIG Combat Aircraft & KIRAN Mk 2 Trainer Aircraft,  from the Indian Air force, shared the experiences of a pilot and also inspired the audience with contributions of great scientists & Engineers in this field.
The last part of the FN session was handled by Commodore (CMDE) Justin Xavier, who had been present as the Chairman of AESI (Aeronautical Society of India), Kochi, Branch. The Commodore interacted with the students about the activities of AeSI and also how engineering students could associate more with the Navy.
Also present for the occasion was the Honorary Secretary of AeSI,  Commander (Cdr) Sunil K. Raghav. 
In the AN session, the students took part in a glider build and fly contest in which student teams were given materials to build and fly a mini-glider. There was track laid out for this and whichever team flies the glider for the maximum distance wins. This was followed by a flying demo of quad-copters which included Racing drones & a quad drone, which was one of the successful student projects of the ME dept. One of the RC (Radio Controlled) drone pilots was Mr. Joshua Saji, from Thodupuzha, son of Mr. Saji Thomas who has been widely recognised for being the first person with disabilities to build and fly a microlight engine-driven glider plane. The other RC pilots were student C. A. Paulose (2nd Year ME) & staff Asst. Prof. Shajan K. Thomas.
The program concluded with certificate distribution ceremony by Vice Principal of TIST, Dr. Babu John.

Technical Talk by Mr. E. K. Mathew, Asst. Engineer, HNL on 22nd March 2019.

A Technical talk was conducted for the students of ME, which was delivered by Resource person Mr. E. K. Mathew, a vibration Analyst in Hindustan Newsprint Ltd, Velloor. Vibration analysis plays a key role in condition monitoring, which is important for manufacturing plants, where the costs of machine failure can be very high. The session covered the theory of vibration, practical case analysis from the industry and the vibration probe used to pick-up the sound signals caused by vibration of machine elements. The procedure used for reading the vibration signature was also discussed in detail at the end of which the students were given a sample test on analysing a frequency graph. The session concluded with a practical demo on how the vibration probe was used for signal acquisition. This was carried out in the Fluid Machinery lab, where the vibrations of pumps and turbines were recorded and analysed.

Technical talk on centrifugal pumps 

Mr. Rajmohan S, Former DGM, BPCL delivered a technical talk on “Centrifugal Pumps – Operations  & Maintenance”, for the sixth semester students of Mechanical Engineering on 27/02/2019.

Interactive session conducted by alumnus Mr. Sreejith R Menon, graduation batch 2011-15 on Challenges & Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers. He also shared reminiscent moments of his TIST Mechanical days. The students enjoyed the session and received valuable advice from Mr. Sreejith.

Challenges & Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers (4)
Challenges & Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers (3)
Challenges & Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers (2)
Challenges & Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers (1)

Workshop on Sixth Sense Robot on 14/02/2019

ASME student chapter of TIST had conducted a workshop on Sixth Sense Robot on 14/02/19, designed by Robokart in association with Innovation cell IIT-Bombay. The workshop is originated at MATLAB software and Embedded systems. The workshop was inaugurated by Vice Principal, Prof. Dr. Babu John. The workshop was conducted by Vaibhav Sawant (senior R & D Engineer at Robokart) and Jash Shah (R&D engineer at Robokart).

Sixth sense technology is coming forward as a Market-defining technology in robotics. This technology has a wide scope in future in a field of Automation and Sixth sense. This workshop teaches about Robotics as well as MATLAB programming to make a sixth sensed Robot to take his own decisions without any manual interference. The objective of the workshop is to teach students about Image Capturing and processing, Color recognition through this workshop. The workshop gave tremendous exposure to learn about MATLAB programming.

Over 180 students from various colleges attended this workshop.

Skill development Program- 2nd July- 25th July 2018

In Association with ISHRAE Daikin and SAE

About the program: The seventh semester students of Mechanical Engineering, TIST were trained on IC Engines, Air Conditioning, Instrumentation & Aero Modelling to enhance the practical knowledge & hands on skill.   The course contents are as follows.

IC Engines & Associated system: Basic theory of IC Engines – Fuel/lube oil/Air filter cleaning and replacement – Spark plug/ Fuel injector maintenance – Engine oil checking and changing -Bearing condition checking and renewal – Shaft alignment – Vibration measurement – Gland packing/ Mechanical seal renewal – Tappet setting – Butt clearance checking – Assembly & dismantling of engine

Air conditioning: Basic theories of Air conditioning and refrigeration – Refrigerants – Psychrometry – Components – types of Air conditioners-Product Knowledge- Load Calculation for residential ACs- AC installation and maintenance – VRV and Inverter Technology-Practical session on flaring and charging

Instrumentation and Control: Circuit  Continuity checking – Solenoid valve troubleshooting –Multimeter and Megger -Motor/Generator winding and Armature resistance -Electronics-PCBs and Soldering-Small electronic project- “DIY”

Aeronautical: Design and Fabrication of RC plane – Design and Fabrication of RC helicopter -Design and Fabrication of RC quad copter.

The five day National Seminar on Sustainable Technologies and The Skill Development programme were inaugurated by  Mr.Alex Cyriac (Senior HVAC Consultant) on July 2nd, 2018 at 10 am, at the Tagore hall, TIST Cochin. The National seminar was intended to bring an insight into different technologies used for sustainable growth/development in various industrial domains. Technology plays a big role in sustainable development.

Association with technical chapters like ISHRAE, SAE, IIW etc., rovided the participants with real time industrial scenarios and case studies. The five day seminar was handled by experts like Mr. Ganapathy Subrahmaniam (representative from SAE), Mr. Kochu Baby Manjooran (Senior manager, Environment, BPCL, Kochin Refinery), Mr. Sudhi V R, Kochi Mertro Rail Ltd (KMRL), Mr. A. Chandra Kumaran Nair, (Director of Operations, (Electrial, IT & Communications) Cochin International Airport), Dr.Ajith James (St.Berchmans college, Kottayam) etc. Faculty members, post graduate and graduate students from various colleges across over Kerala and industrial representatives attended the National seminar. The seminar came to an end on 6th July, 2018.

Academic Year 2017 – 18

Manorama – Gillette Placement Drive for Mechanical Engineering Students.

Expert talk on “The Journey of an Entrepreneur”

  • IEDC in association with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, TIST conducted an expert talk on “The Journey of an Entrepreneur” for the students of Mechanical Engineering Department on 23rd March 2018 with an aim to impart technical skills and instill innovative mind in budding engineers and nurture them as future entrepreneurs. The session was handled by Mr. Babu Shankar, Asst. Professor, St. Joseph College of Engineering, Pala.

Five Day workshop on HVAC

Five Day workshop on HVAC was conducted in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in association with ISHRAE, KITCO and DAIKIN from 18th to 22nd December 2017. The workshop aims to grab the technical knowledge from the expertise of DAIKIN, KITCO and ISHRAE by way of which the participants are exposed to various facets of the Air conditioning industry, which will produce thousands of new jobs in the next decades as market for these products expand.

The workshop included basic fundamental theory sessions, Core detailing aspects, Types of air conditioning systems, Fault findings and trouble Shooting, Load calculation and technical talks.

Technical talks on Inverter Air conditioners, Variable Refrigerant Volume Air Conditioner and Introduction to Tekla software were handled by speakers from industries. As part of the workshop, the participants were sent to Cochin International Airport Ltd. (CIAL) for the site visit.

  • A workshop on Solid Works was conducted for the 4th Year Students in association with CADD Center.
  • A 5 day workshop on AUTOCAD was conducted for the S4 students 12th July 2017 to 17th July 2017.

Tech Fest

  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted a Tech Fest on 24th November 2017. Technical events such as Technical quiz, Paper Presentation, Defect Analysis and Cultural Events were conducted as a part of the Fest.
Tech Fest
Tech Fest 1
Tech Fest 2
  • Project Exhibition- 2018

The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a Project Exhibition, which showcased the projects carried out by the undergraduate engineering students during the final year of their four year B.Tech degree programme. Projects were on display at the Radhakrishnan Auditorium, TIST.

These projects revealed the extent of the diversity of research areas. Each project was the product of individual work, guided by a supervisor, but produced by the student using the skills acquired over the course of the engineering degree: a capability for technical research, the design and implementation of experiments, the application of scientific methods and the analysis and interpretation of data to obtain valid conclusions.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a 5 day workshop on HVAC in association with DAIKIN, ISHRAE and KITCO from 18th December to 22nd December 2017. An industrial visit was organized to Infopark, Kakkanad, in association with KITCO as a part of the workshop to visit the HVAC plant of LULU Cyber tower.

  • Agosh M C attended an FDP on Supply Chain Management at SNGCE, Kolenchery from 18-12-2017 to 22-12-2017.
  • Mahesh C attended a Symposium on Composites: Design, Modelling and Synthesis at Amal Jyothi Engineering College from 18-01-2018 to 20-01-2018. He also attended a Workshop on Applied Mechanics at DRDO Hyderabad from 15-02-2018 to 16-02-2018.
  • Mr Praveen R attended an FDP on Advanced Materials at M A College Kothamangalam on 15th February 2018.
  • Vivek V Kumar attended and FDP on “Open Foam” at Universal College, Irinjalkkuda from 26-12-2017-30-12-2017.
  • 13 Faculty members of Mechanical Dept. attended a Conference on Infrastructural Developments in Kerala at BTH Sarovaram.
  • Mr Praveen R, Mr. Radhakrishnan P and Mr. Agosh M C attended a 5 day FDP on “Emerging trends in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Adi Shankara Instituite of Science & Technology, Kalady from 17/4/18 to 21/04/18


A half day workshop on DIY (Do It Yourself) RC projects was conducted by the Aeromodelling club of ME Department, TIST. The resource person Mr. Saji Thomas, a differently abled person who has entered “India Book of Records”, for building an Engine powered Micro light Aircraft.

An exposure on quadcopter building and flying using KK2 flight controller was also given.

Me_wrkshop (6)
Me_wrkshop (1)
Me_wrkshop (2)
Me_wrkshop (3)
Me_wrkshop (4)
Me_wrkshop (5)

Technical talk on Heating, Ventilation and Air- conditioning

Dr. S V Venkatachalam, Scientist F, ISRO, Bangalore, delivered a technical talk on Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning on 22/09/2017 for Mechanical Engineering students and all faculties

Academic Year 2016 – 17

Technical Talk on Aeronautical Engineering

Mr. V. Unnikrishnan, Regional Director (Engines), DRDO, Bangalore on 28/09/16 conducted a technical talk on basics of aeronautical engineering.

Technical Talk on Marine Engineering

On 4/10/16 Mr. Rajesh M, Chief Engineer, Merchant Navy delivered a technical talk on “Role of Marine Engineers on board”. As part of his session he covered aspects regarding shipping design, different equipments in ships, propellers used and about dynamic positioning system.

ME_Marine (1)
ME_Marine (2)

Faculty Development Program 18-23 Nov 2016

One week FDP on “Role of Mechanical Engineers in Manufacturing sector” was organized from 18/11/16 to 23/11/16. The following sessions were carried out on this course.

  • Foundry Technologies – Mr. Mathew Issac, CEO, Prism Castings, Coimbatore
  • Role & relevance of maintenance for sustenance of industry – Mr. Babu Jose, AGM, FACT
  • Latest Trends in Automobile Engineering & Value Engineering- Mr. Arjun Raj, Deputy Manager, R & D, Mahindra & Mahindra, Chennai)

As part of this FDP industrial visits were arranged in HNL, Kottayam and HMT machine Tools, Kalamasserry.

ME_FDP (1)

Talk on Cyber Crimes January 17th 2017

A technical talk on Cyber Crimes was conducted for the students of TIST delivered by Civil Police Officer, Mr. Thaihath P. M, SP office, Aluva on 17/01/2017.

Talk on Cyber Crimes
Talk on Cyber Crimes
Talk on Cyber Crimes
Talk on Cyber Crimes

Technical Talk on NDT

On 6/3/17 a technical talk on Non –Destructive Testing was conducted by Collimers Pvt Ltd.

Technical Talk on NDT

Seminar on Design/Reverse Engineering/3D Printing

Mantide Technologies on 9/3/17 explained the features of product designing and a hands on workshop was organized for the students in 3D printing.

Seminar on Design,Reverse Engineering,3D Printing March 9th 2017


Sl. No



1 International conference on emerging trends in mechanical engineering (ICETME15). 3rd – 5th September 2015
2 International conference on emerging trends in manufacturing technology (INC@mtTRENDS’12). 5th -6thSeptember 2012
3 National conference on emerging trends in mechanical, safety and fire engineering and management science. (NC@metrends ’13) 30th September -1st 2013 October
4 National seminar on Application of Nano Technology in Mechanical Engineering 23rd -24th February 2010

International Conference on Emerging Trends In Mechanical Engineering – ICETME’15

The 2nd International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Mechanical Engineering” (ICETME ’15) was held on the serene campus of Toc H Institute of  Science & Technology (TIST), Cochin during 3 -5th September, 2015 in association with National Institute of Technology,  Surathkal (NITK). The 41 scientific participants had many fruitful discussions and exchanges that contributed to the success of the conference.  Participants from 3 countries made the        conference truly international in scope. The papers that were presented on the first two days formed the heart of the  conference and provided ample opportunity for discussion. The papers were split almost equally between the five main conference verticals, i.e., Aerospace Engineering, Manufacturing Technology, Material Science, Thermal Engineering, and Design Engineering.

ICETME’15 (1)
ICETME’15 (4)

All the 41 presented papers are included in this ISBN numbered proceedings volume. There were 5 keynote lectures covering the different areas of the conference: Dr. Shuichi Torrii (Kumamoto University) from Japan talked on production and transfer technologies for global warming suppression. Dr. Ruwan Gopura (Moratuwa University) from Srilanka on development of novel mechanisms for upper-limb prostheses, Dr. C. Lakshmana Rao (Indian Institute of Technology), Madras on energy absorption of crash tubes and bumper system using high strength aluminum alloys. Other Keynote lectures were from R. Ramesh Kumar (Government Engineering College, Barton Hill), Dr. K. Sudarshnan (Scientist, DRDO(NPOL)) and Job Kurian (Advisor IIT Palakkad).

ICETME’15 (3)

National conference on emerging trends in mechanical, safety and fire engineering and management science – NC@metrends ‘13

The National Conference on Emerging Trends in Mechanical, safety engineering and management science was held in Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, on 30th September and 1st October. This meeting brought together technocrats, academicians, researchers and developers to discuss recent developments in the field of emerging trends in manufacturing technology. The conference continued to have good participation by members of the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI Kochi), Indian Institute of Production Engineers (IIPE), EDS Technologies, which allowed sharing of ideas. The trend of strong participation in this conference continued, with 48 participants from different parts of the country.


The objective of National Conference was to establish an effective channel of communication between technocrats, academics and research institutions, and developers. It also aimed to promote and coordinate developments in the entire field of mechanical, safety engineering and management science. The conference focused on original research works with special emphasis on research and development that contributed significantly to further the knowledge in engineering, technology and Management, addition to, it covers all the sustainable development aspects related.

International Conference On Emerging Trends In Manufacturing Technology – (INC@mtTRENDS’12).


The 1st International Conference on Emerging Trends in Manufacturing Technology was held in Toc H Institute of Science & Technology, Ernakulam on 5th and 6th September 2012. This meeting brought together technocrats, academicians, researchers and developers to discuss recent developments in the field of emerging trends in manufacturing technology. The conference continued to have good participation by members of the Aeronautical Society of India (AeSI Kochi), Indian Institute of Production Engineers (IIPE), FCI OEN Connectors Ltd. which allowed sharing of ideas.

National seminar on Application of Nano Technology in Mechanical Engineering

National seminar on Application of Nano Technology in Mechanical Engineering is conducted on 23rd and 24th February 2010 at Toc H Institute of Science 7 technology, Arakkunnam. Many technical papers were presented in the seminar.

ME_National seminar ME_nanotecMh
ME_National seminar on Application of Nano Technology in Mechanical Engineering
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