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Placement Schedule 2017-'18

Training & Placement

TIST Recruitment Schedule 2018-19

15.10.2018TCSAll branches
212.10.2018InfosysAll branches except S & F
315.10.2018H&R Block Global TechnologiwaIT, CSE, EEE & ECE.
415.10.2018Digital CoreEC & EEE
518.10.2018VVDNEC & EEE
624.10.2018SperidianAll branches except CE and S & F
729.10.2018IBSEC, CS, IT & ME.
81.11.2018Royal EnfieldME 2018 batch
92.11.2018Experion TechnologioesCS, EC, EEE, IT.
107.11.18Kaynes Interconnection SystemsEEE, ECE.
1114.11.2018Sutherland Global ServicesAll branches
1221.11.2018Mitsogo TechnologiesAll branches
1322.11.2018Poornam InfovisionCS, IT & EC
1424.11.2018SAP LabsCS, IT, EC, EEE.
1527.11.2018Hexaware TechnologiesCS, IT, EC.
1628.11.2018UVJ TechnologiesCS,IT.
1729.11.2018TATA Consulting Engineers LTDSafety & Fire Engg.
187.12.2018 Wipro TechnologiesAll branches
1905.01.2019Kaynes TechnologyECE & EEE
2010.01.2019Clevero TechnologiesECE,EEE,CSE & IT
2124.01.2019Tessolve SemicinductorECE & EEE
2228.01.2019IBMAll branches
2329.01.2019SayOne TechnologiesECE,EEE,CSE & IT
2430.01.2019Open Financial Technologies Pvt LtdAll branches
2501.02.2019FACE FluencyAll branches
2605.02.2019AmazonAll branches
2707.02.2019TAPS AspireAll branches
2808.02.2019SupportsagesAll branches
2909.02.2019CognizantAll branches except CE and S & F
3009.02.2019Metadata TechnologiesECE,EEE,CSE & IT
3119.02.2019 Popular HynduaiME Only
3221.02.2019 Federal BankAll M-Tech
3326.02.2019Travancore AnalyticsCSE & IT
3427.02.2019Byju's Learning AppAll branches
3501.03.2019Shapoorji Pallonji And Company Private LimitedSafety & Fire Engg.
3606.03.2019White Clouds InfoTechAll branches
3707.03.2019Omnex IndiaME Only
3814.03.2019Bell TechnolabsECE,EEE,CSE & IT
3919.03.2019Attra InfotechECE,EEE,CSE & IT
4021.03.2019Bell TechnolabsECE,EEE,CSE & IT
4126.03.2019Xinergy InnovationS&F, ME, ECE, & EE
4227.03.2019Allsec TechnologiesAll branches
4309.04.2019ThinkPalm TechnologiesECE,EEE,CSE & IT

TIST Recruitment Schedule 2017-18

Sl.No.Date CompanyEligible Branch
113.09.2017VVDN TechnologiesECE & EEE B.Tech & M Tech Students (2018 Batch)
203.10.2017iDataLyticsECE,CSE,EEE & IT Students (2018 Batch)
307.10.2017IBSECE,CSE,EEE , IT & ME Students (2018 Batch)
408.10.2017Research PanelB Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
513.10.2017InfosysAll Branches B Tech & M Tech Students (2018 Batch)
609.11.2017IVTL InfoviewECE,CSE,EEE & IT Students (2018 Batch)
718.11.2017Hinduja Global SolutionsB Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
818.11.2017Arouse IT SolutionsB Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
921.11.2017Directi Internet SolutionsCSE & IT Students (2018 Batch)
1028.11.2017Interview AirB Tech All Branches (2016,2017 &2018 Batch)
29.11.2017Interview AirB Tech All Branches (2016,2017 &2018 Batch)
1130.11.2017Agile Business Consulting ,DubaiB Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
1206.12.2017Ctrl SCSE,ECE & IT Students (2018 Batch)
1307.12.2017ATEES Infomedia Pvt.Ltd.ECE,CSE,EEE & IT Students (2018 Batch)
1412.12.2017Sutherland Global ServicesB Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
1518.12.2017Bell TechnoLabECE,CSE,EEE & IT Students (2018 Batch)
1620.12.2017SpectrumB Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
1721.12.2017Tessolve Semiconductor ECE & EEE B.Tech (2018 Batch)
1804.01.2018Byju's Learning AppB.Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
1905.01.2018H&R Block Global CenterECE,CSE IT B Tech & M Tech CSE Students (2018 Batch)
2008.01.2018PerfectFit SystemsCSE Students
2116.01.2018Amazon B Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
2218.01.2018Poornam Infovision CSE, ECE, & IT B.Tech students (2018 Batch)
2306.02.2018[24]7.ai B Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
2420.02.2018Malayala Manorama ME B.Tech Students(2018 Batch)
2527.02.2018 JuspayECE, CSE, & IT B.Tech Students (2018 Batch)
2627.02.2018 Global Shiksha India Pvt Ltd.B Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
2701.03.2018Mitsogo Technologies ECE, CSE, IT, & EEE B.Tech Students(2018 Batch)
2801.03.2018Omnex IndiaME B.Tech Students(2018 Batch)
2902.03.2018FIJOS Engineers & Architects CE B.Tech Students(2018 Batch)
3008.03.2018Laxmi infotekECE students
3112.03.2018FACE B Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
3214.03.2018OYO Rooms B Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
3319.03.2018Silverlink Technologies CSE & IT B.Tech Students (2018 Batch)
3424.03.2018Cherytech India Pvt.Ltd.SF B.Tech Students(2018 Batch)
3527.03.2018HeadstartIT.com B Tech All Branches (2018 Batch)
3614.04.2018Kaynes Interconnection Systems India Pvt. Ltd. EEE B.Tech Students(2018 Batch)