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Science & Humanities

Adjunct Departemnts

Vision of S&H Department

The Department of Science & Humanities at TIST is envisioned to address the twin goals of modern professional excellence namely Positive Personality Traits (Soft Skills) and Technical Expertise (Hard Skills) because the professional efficacy of a Technocrat depends on the subtle integration of these two.

Mission of S&H Department

  1. To enable students to go beyond the restrictions of the boundaries of the different engineering disciplines.
  2. To develop an interdisciplinary approach in the teaching – learning process.
  3. To cultivate in students, the much needed life skills so as to enable them to succeed in the highly competitive professional environment.
  4. To mould students into responsible citizens, instilling in them empathy towards humanity, so that they will respond positively to the needs of the society and devote themselves for the overall development of the nation.
  5. To promote active research and acknowledge the need for developing a research aptitude among students.
  6. To equip students with the necessary inputs so that they will be capable of taking up independent research.