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Guidance & Counselling

 Diploma in Guidance and Counseling

Teachers are facing quite a number of challenges in dealing with the present generation of students. They have to deal with the students of different emotional temperaments, segregate the slow learners from the medium and fast learners, identify the students with learning disabilities and deliver the training.  Quite a large number of students  find themselves in the grip of personal adjustment problems , loneliness and feeling of insecurity , conflict with peers and teachers, low academic achievement, bad company which  create emotional tensions and anxiety in the students . Drug addiction and suicide rates among the students is also increasing

Although the teacher is not the counselor, he often has to take up the role of the counselor. He has to listen to student problems, respond and suggest ways of intervention and resolution. On the one hand the teachers face the practical necessity of initiating guidance and counseling activities to enable students to benefit in academic and vocational pursuits and on the other, they confront the problem of their own inadequacies of competency in this area.

In our technical and engineering education system we deal with students who are psychophysically at their developmental stage known as adolescence wherein   there is an increase in their ability in motor performance, growth in intelligence, growth in creative expression, change in emotion, change in social perception and self-concept. Over the past two decades, studies using MRI and other imaging techniques have shown that human brain undergoes major remodeling during childhood and throughout the teen years, emotional changes that account for the risk taking, novelty seeking and impulsivity that characterize adolescent behavior. The “unfinished architecture” of their brain hinders adolescents from thinking like adults .Hence, educational institutions should take the responsibility of providing training in guidance and counseling to teachers so that they can develop into teacher-counselors and help in channelizing the energies of students in productive pursuits , arrest the downward trend of academic standards and ease emotional tensions and anxieties .

Toc H Institute of Science and Technology has taken up the mission and has hit upon a full-fledged programme to impart training in counseling and guidance to our teachers in order to build a second layer of counselors who will be armed with the fundamentals of counseling   thereby building up better competencies in the less motivated segments of the student community and transforming them into competent professionals in the days to come. The course on “ Diploma in Guidance and Counseling ”  has been developed after a series of discussions and consultations with reputed educationists and psychologists  from all over India This course  has been endorsed by Indian Academy of Applied Psychology( IAAP) Chennai.

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