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Toc H Institute of Science and Technology (TIST) is not merely another Engineering College producing hordes of Engineering graduates every year. It is more than a center of learning and home to a diverse community of innovators and entrepreneurs. In every classroom and laboratory, you’ll find unique people who are passionate about learning, teaching and collaborating on groundbreaking technologies.

TIST prepares future leaders through an innovative engineering education that bridges Science and Technology, Enterprise and Society. We inspire our students to indulge in research, innovation and excellence, so that they can benefit from valuable hands-on learning opportunities and real-world experiences. We aspire to be a home to innovative minds making new discoveries, groundbreaking inventions, and top-flight graduates – all contributing to the strength of our economy and the health and vitality of our community.

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Vision & Mission


Vision: To become a globally recognized institution that develops professionals with integrity who excel in their chosen domain making a positive impact in industry, research, business and society.

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TIST ResourceSpace

TIST ResourceSpace is an open source repository for sharing our digital study materials.



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News & Announcements

Hearty congratulations to our MBA students , Mr Alex Elias, Ms Bincy K J, Mr Cherian George, Karippaparambil, Mr Muhammed Afsal K B, Mr Nithin Sankar, Mr Salas Francis, Ms Steffy Jose, Mr Vivek Mohan, who got placed in “Research Panel”, Indore
Hearty Congratulations to our 9 B Tech Students were placed in Infosys, Ms.Veena Suresh Babu ECE ,Ms. Aayushi Raj IT, Ms.Akhina Manual IT, Mr.Nithin Jacob IT, Ms. Ashitha A Shenoy IT Mr. Melvin Martin CSE, Mr. Thomas Biju CSE , Mr. Nikhil Kumar K S ME , Ms. Aswathy Subramanian CE
Hearty Congratulations to our B Tech students Ms. Amrutha T G CSE, Manju Mohan CSE, who got placed in IBS
Hearty Congratulations to our B Tech student Mr. Ananthakrishnan R ECE, who got placed in VVDN Technologies
Hearty Congratulations to our 18 B Tech students were placed in Research Panel, Indore Mr. Abraham James ME, Mr.Anurag R K ME, Mr.Ashish M S ME, Mr.Christy Jose ME, Mr. Jinu Francis ME, Mr. Nikhil K Plato ME, Mr. Nikhil V Menon ME, Mr. Sachin B Mohan ME, Mr. Subash C H ME, Mr. Vipin Varghese ME, Mr.Winny Shaji ME, Mr. Siddharth S ME, Ms. Tinu Maria CSE, Ms. Manju Mohan CSE, Ms. Jitha A CSE, Mr.Alwyn Sabu CSE, Mr. Siddharth Prajosh C CSE, Ms.Anitta A S CSE.
Hearty Congratulations to our 107 B Tech students were placed in Hinduja Global Solutions
Hearty Congratulations to our 42 B Tech students were placed in Arouse IT Solutions

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