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Information Technology

Student Mentoring

During their four years’ journey through the under graduate engineering B.Tech. programme, students ideally need emotional support and mentoring, guidance and counselling from a loving elderly figure. The young minds at this age tend to be more confused and bewildered, entering into a new phase of life. They are likely to get easily frustrated, discouraged and disheartened by the minute things they face and probably jump into sudden decisions that prove to be a folly in the end.

The Department of IT intently handles this situation with utmost care, providing all the academic, career and moral support to them that need it. We deploy our qualified faculty to the aid of our students in the ratio 1:15, who personally study the background history, academics, strengths, weakness and worries of each student and mentor them positively, equipping them to become winners in life. Obviously, a student should have the same mentor all through the four years of his journey.

The mentors of the department meet the group of students individually at least twice a month. We continuously monitor, counsel, guide and motivate the students in all academic matters, maintaining a detailed progressive record of the student. We do contact parents/guardians if the situation demands, for e.g. academic irregularities, negative behavioral changes and interpersonal relations, detrimental activities etc.

We give constructive advice to students in their career development/professional/ entrepreneurial endeavors, and make the students feel they are cared for everytime. Definitely, our students will be greatly benefitted by our continuous expert guidance.

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