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Safety & Fire Engineering

Safety & Fire Engineering

Association & Activities

Departmental Association (ARISTA)

As a part of our duty and social commitment, we the upcoming safety aspirants wanted to bring a change in their perspective and system around us. We become aware that our goal only be achieve by a combined effort of all the students in the department. That was the beginning of ‘ARISTA’ which in Greek means ‘Being Safe’. Safety and Fire engineering is a multidisciplinary department which has a significant role in all fields like mechanical, civil and construction, electrical and electronics, petrochemical and petroleum industries.The association also organizes guest talks, training sessions for faculty and students of TIST and also in association with Fire and Rescue department perform mock drills.

Seminar on First Aid and CPR training

Department conducted one day training class on First Aid & CPR on 12/10/18. Mr.Simon Jacob, First Aid Faculty & Trainer and member of National safety council, led the class. Live demonstration on how to give CPR and first aid on emergency situations was given to semester 5 students.


National Safety day 2018

National Safety day 2018 was celebrated in TIST by hoisting the flag by Sri. P. R. Balan, Station Officer, Piravom Fire station, and talking the safety oath by Asst. Prof. B. Ummer. Sri.P.R.Balan also delivered a key note address in the programme which was presided by Dr. Preethi Thekkath, Principal, Dr. R. Ravindran Nair, Dean(Academics), Shri. Thomas A. Vetteth, HOD(Safety and Fire Engineering ) and Shri. Stephy James,,Asst Professor


As a continuation of the celebrations, the students of Safety & Fire Engineering Department in associate with Kerala Fire & Rescue Services (Piravom) conducted Safety awareness campaign at Maneed grama panchayath. The programme was conducted to build a safety culture in public. Session covering kitchen safety, general safety, first aid including CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)  were handled by the students and the officers from Fire & Rescue department. The program was attended by the general public and officials of Maneed Panchayath. Fighting of LPG fire and rescue operation were also demonstrated. Student coordinators Unni N V, Abimalek Sandosh, Akhil G Byshy, Ajay Sivan, Aswin Sai P .S., along with Asst. Prof. Stephy James coordinated the activities.

  • Class on how to use of Fire Extinguisher during emergency for the faculty staff and students of various departments.
SF Safety Drill (2)
SF Safety Drill (1)
SF Safety Drill (3)
  • Video of Mock Safety Drill conducted by Piravom Fire and Rescue Station.


Departmental Association activities of the year 2016-2017 

  •  Best project award was given to 2012 admission students
  • Inauguration of departmental association for the academic year was carried out on 1st September 2016 and was inaugurated by Mr. P. Pramod, Director, Directorate of Factories & Boilers.
  • Technical Talk on “Safety in Industry & Beyond” by Mr. Ramesh V M Manager BPCL Kochi on 26th July 2016
  • A demo session was conducted for faculty on use of fire extinguishers under emergency situations on 19th December 2016
SF (1)
SF (2)
SF activities (1)
SF activities (2)
  • Road safety programme was conducted together by Safety Dept, Yi, NSS Civil dept, IEDC on 3rd February 2017
  • Safety day celebrated by flag hoisting and taking safety oath on our campus on 4th March 2017
National Safety Day (2)
Safety Pledge (1)
  • As a part of activities towards social commitment the following were organized:Cancer Ward Visit at EKM General Hospital and contribute Rs. 22055 and clothes for the inmates by 3rd year students on 14th July 2016
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembrance Day 6 August 2016
  • Two Convex Mirrors was installed in the Nadakkavu Highway as part of road safety awareness

Departmental Association activities of the year 2014-2015

  •  Association Inauguration was held on 25th July 2014, a technical talk regarding “Modern safety measures in Industries” was delivered by Mr.Saleen A, Manager, Fire & Safety, Cochin Shipyard.
  • Fire Training was conducted by Fire Brigade Piravom on 15th Oct 2014 along with Fire Engine & Complete equipments.
  • Safety Day celebrations was inaugurated by Dr. Abraham Varghese, Chief Medical Officer, Binani Zinc Ltd. on 4th March 2015.
  • As a part of Road safety awareness programme our students conducted a Bike Rally.